Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Teixeira/McCann’s Reaction to Rob Manfred & the Shift

I think the gif above explains the direction that this quick hit of a post is going. Rob Manfred, the new and official Commissioner of Major League Baseball, announced among other things that he is at least considering eliminating defensive shifting in the game. His reasoning behind this is to increase offense in the game, and honestly I think that would help even if it was marginally, and the news would especially help a couple member of the Yankees if this came to fruition.

Mark Teixeira and Brian McCann easily, just going off an eye test estimate, lost 20 or more hits (probably more in McCann’s case) to the shift last year after showing an unwillingness to go the other way or at least fake a bunt the other way. The Yankees offense needs all the help they can get and all the bounce back that they can get and if Manfred eliminates the shift I think we see a totally different middle of the Yankees lineup in 2015. 

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