Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Yankees Farm System "Deepest in the Game"

Riley McDaniel knows more about prospects, specifically Yankees prospects after being a former scout for the team before going to work for Fangraphs, than most people on the internet today. McDaniel also knows the Yankees better than most and has broken numerous stories about the team recently including the International Free Agent spending spree months before anyone else had it. McDaniel has spent the offseason going over prospects and farm systems and is now readying himself to reveal his work on the farm system of the New York Yankees.

McDaniel is a source I trust more than most and when he is quoted like he was above it makes me feel good as a Yankee fan. It especially makes me feel good when his words mirror what I have been saying all offseason long and have been questioned about all offseason long.

Be sure to check out McDaniel's work when it comes out later this week by heading over to

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