Sunday, February 8, 2015

Yankees to give Refsnyder chance at starting second base job in spring training

Rob Refsnyder's chances at the Yankees' starting second base job certainly didn't look too great after the club re-signed Stephen Drew to a one-year/$5-million deal last month, but that doesn't mean they're not still there. 

Refsnyder will still get the opportunity to win the role at spring training, general manager Brian Cashman said Friday.

According to Cashman, Refsnyder isn't the Yankees' top choice for the position yet, but will be given time to develop his defensive skills during camp. Refsnyder, 23, is a converted outfielder struggling to adjust to the infield -- something clearly shown by the recurring issues he had with his glove last season. 

"We're going to see that develop in spring training," Cashman told WFAN radio

Refsnyder batted .318/.387/.497 with 14 home runs and 63 RBI in 137 games last year at Double-A Trenton and Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, but wasn't nearly as good on the other side of the ball. His fielding percentage at the two levels was just .977, and he committed 12 errors. 

Refsnyder will still be considered by the team, though, if Cashman and the Yankees notice improvement. 

"The bottom line is, he'll go into camp, and he'll compete, and he'll have a chance to potentially earn a spot on the roster," Cashman said.

Refsnyder is currently viewed as one of the Yankees' top prospects, and was often talked about by New York's fanbase last season when Brian Roberts was in the midst of his slump. Indeed, many wanted to see Refsnyder brought up to replace the weak-hitting Roberts, a plan Cashman didn't support at the time.

Now, however, the GM seems to be thinking differently. 

"He has a chance to be a regular offensive second baseman," Cashman, referring to Refsnyder, said. 


  1. A player making just $5 million, at least in New York, is not going to block anybody.

    1. Ask Brian Roberts circa 2014 (I know he made less so sue me)

  2. It's not the money that blocks these players Bryan. It's Joe Girardi preferring a veteran over a rookie, despite production. Girardi himself was a glove first catcher that was pushed out of New York by a younger, more talented Posada. Therefore, he has a weak spot for Players like Drew, Ryan, Roberts, and Johnson. He'll continue to play them as long as they are available. Cashman has to do what he did last year and flat out release them like he did with Soriano and Roberts.

    1. Roberts was benched for the better part of two weeks before he was released. I remember the stink because many people thought the team was sitting him to keep him away from AB incentives

  3. Roberts was designated on 8/1. From 7/18-7/27, he played everyday but 2. Not that the Yankees had better options at the major league level, but Pirela and Refsnyder were both tearing the cover off the ball. Instead, they moved Johnson for Drew. Made sense. Junk for junk. Plus it gave us a first hand look at a possible stop gap for shortstop.
    Result:Drew was worse for us then he was for Boston. Okay, no big deal. What do the Yankees do? Instead of truly giving Refsnyder or Pirela a legit shot, they RESIGN Drew and make our own players compete for the starting job in AAA. I've been watching this team for a long time. Drew can hit .220 in spring and he won't get designated. Refsnyder can rake, and the odds of him making the team are slim to none. I've never met slim, and none left town a long time ago.

    1. Seems like my memory let me down. I do remember the stink about keeping him from getting at bat incentives but I thought it went on for longer than that. My bad, you got me.

  4. OTHER THAN SILENCE...I wish there was word on Moncada.

    Silence, rumors, and large gray areas. I hate this.
    Not much for this fan to get ginned up about.
    Remember these are the Yankees..." we will do everything to win !"...Really ?
    Sad, that it is not so any more.

    This Moncada, is different. Perhaps the jewel coming out of Cuba.
    You miss Cano ? This Moncada will alleviate that.
    This is the Yankees we are talking about, correct ?...Sign him before he is tempted by others.
    Sign him, and play him immediately. Don't send him to Trenton for a year of seasoning.
    Would Boston do that ? No !...They would shove him in the Yankees face. Look what we have !

    This Moncada is a building block, a key stone. Let him adjust. Big deal. Or, rather Drew ?
    Another season of Stephen Drew, and I'll water board myself. No more.

    The fans are ready. Regardless of what the media says. Ready to go ' fan crazy.'
    If the Dodgers, or now the Padres get this will be a sin.

    I write words at this site about the Yankees. It is a passion.
    In all my life, I've learned this.....if the Yankees want someone, they get him.
    George Steinbrenner will not roll over in that grave, if they screw this up.
    He will arise from the dead. Just do it !

    1. I am pretty sure less than 15 minutes after he was cleared the Yankees had an offer in hand. If he had a smart agent he would let it drag out a little to maximize his contract.

      Spring Training is right around the corner though... better hurry.

  5. For once Patrick, I'm almost in agreement with you! I say almost, because I'm not sure you want him to start at the major league level immediately. If he has a full spring training, then maybe. But I don't think he should come in halfway through and head north with the team. Other than that, I completely agree with you. $80 million, $100 million. Who cares. The fans are paying for the product, and this is who we want to see. If the Yankees sign him and he's the next coming of Igawa, I'll own it and not bash Cashman. It doesn't matter what his bonus is. It will have nothing to do with luxury tax. If he makes the team, it's the league minimum for 3 years.

    1. JEFF LEVIN.....Thank you. And I am indeed sorry.... that I posted last evening that
      you were locked up in a police barracks in Wilmington, Delaware.
      Now that we can agree, I must refrain from comments like that.

      Kei Igawa, brings back the worst of memories.....pitching while wearing sun glasses !

    2. Exactly. We give the team the money and we're not buying tickets, jersey's, or the YES Network without someone to watch. That's a healthy Tanaka, Betances and Moncada.

    3. KYLE DAVIES ? that how far we have fallen ?
      Davies :... MLB Career....ERA...5.59.....W-L...43-65.
      I can't take this.

    4. Kyle Davies = Scott Baker. Insurance, depth, maybe some lightning in a bottle. Not one to be relied on or guaranteed a spot.

    5. JUST FORFEIT THE GAME !.....Young Burch, you are missing the point.

      This is not insurance, this is nuts.
      When a guy like Davies is due to pitch....just broadcast..." Yankees forfeit tonight's game."

      No one gets worked up. No one is killed going home, on the Major Deegan Exwy.
      Return the money, and forfeit. No big deal.

      Unless you are waiting to see if Kyle Davies becomes bottled lightning.

    6. I don't think I am missing the point at all. EVERY team is signing these type players right now. Some are signing to see if they can get ANYTHING out of them and some are signing hoping they can trade them in July. But every team is doing it, not just us.

  6. In a very small defense of Cashman, he has had very good luck with these reclamation depth projects. Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia lately. Plus, let's be honest. Everybody scratched their head when Cashman brought in McCarthy and Capuano last season. McCarthy pitched like our ace, and Capuano pitched some pretty valuable innings for us. Both kept us at least relevant into September. Do I want to go into Spring Training building a rotation around guys like Capuano, Baker, and Davies? Hell no! But we're not. These guys are merely depth signings. And last year definitely proved the age old cliché that you can never have to much starting pitching.

    1. I agree Jeff. the good thing about Baker and Davies is we aren't relying on them. We have Mitchell, Whitley and others ready for that department. Baker and Davies are simply insurance. No such thing as a bad minor league deal.


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