Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Here Comes The Judge!*

In the bottom of the 9th inning of today's game vs. the Phillies, Aaron Judge hit a game-tying three run home run. That was all the offense could muster, though, leading to the game ending in a tie. But that's hardly why I'm writing, despite a broken hand making doing so extremely difficult.

Judge split his time last year, almost exactly in half, between single-A Charleston and single-A+ Tampa. He had a combined batting line of .308/.419/.486, which included 17 bombs in 131 games. I'm not sure what level he'll end up in this season, but either way I believe the 22 year old will be ready to jump into the Majors in 2016. Which means we'll no longer see the name "Carlos Beltran" in the lineup with the number "9" next to it.

Will that mean Beltran is the new regular DH while ARod is relegated to a bench role or released? Will Beltran be the highest paid 4th outfielder in MLB? Will the Yankees release Carlos? Or... will Beltran be dealt away this season?

Maybe I'm overreacting to a silly Spring Training home run, but I think that dinger is the first of many this year and for years to come.

*sorry for the silly title. I let me inner John Sterling shine through.

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