Tuesday, March 3, 2015

I’m Not Worried About 2015, Here Is Why

The New York Yankees head into the 2015 season with more question marks than certainty facing the team leaving many of the fans begging for new acquisitions or players to fill the void in case of injury. While everyone is screaming about how the sky is falling I am sitting back on my couch drinking my Starbucks without a care in the world. I’m not worried a bit about the 2015 season and I’m here to tell you why, depth.

The difference in this season and say the 2014 season or other seasons where New York fought the injury bug is that the team actually has depth in the farm system and at the minor league levels. While the fan base is worried about CC Sabathia’s knee and Masahiro Tanaka’s elbow and Michael Pineda’s shoulder I am sitting back reminding them all about what Chase Whitley did for the team last year or that the team still has Bryan Mitchell, Adam Warren and possibly the rotation savior in the second half Luis Severino within striking distance of the major leagues.

While everyone is worried about the health of Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, the abilities to hit the ball from Stephen Drew and the effectiveness of Carlos Beltran I am simply sitting back remembering that Robert Refsnyder is offensively ready for the major leagues, Jose Pirela already had a cup of coffee in the show, Tyler Austin has played both hot corners and the outfield and is on the 40 man roster, Kyle Roller is still around and still possesses the 30 home run power that had me screaming for his call up in 2014 and Garrett Jones is a more than suitable backup at first base and right field.

The Yankees have depth finally and help from the farm system. If we have another year of the injury I’m not even worried. Either these players I have outlined above will help the team on the field or help another team on the field after being traded for the pieces the Yankees need. Either way Yankees family the sky is not falling so stop acting like it. 


  1. Either the team stays healthy and has a legit shot at competing, or injuries hit and we get to see some of the exciting youngsters the organization has. It's a win-win,

  2. WAS PREPARED.....to fill the ranks for you guys tonight.
    Until I saw the Obama photo. No thank you.
    You need this guy here ?
    I can find other things to do.

  3. It's just a picture patrick, it's not like I was campaigning for a third term.

    1. Don't even think about that Daniel! He may decide to run again by proclamation! Who will stop him? The Establishment Republicans are too much like little kids crying in the dark. And they control the Republican party...for now!

    2. The clown needs to be impeached. He has laughed at the Constitution and made a mockery of our Government. I am with Patty Boy on this one

    3. Hey I didn't vote for the guy, lol.


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