Thursday, March 5, 2015

My Thoughts on the Noah Syndergaard Situation

Noah Syndergaard has been the talk of the town the past couple of days on sports talk radio, the news, blogs, etc. after taking a lunch break during an intrasquad game in spring training. Boomer and Carton talked about it for what felt like an hour yesterday morning so I feel compelled to leave you with my thoughts on the 22 year old's “lack of judgment.”

First and foremost you don’t nickname a guy “Thor” and expect him to not have an appetite. Syndergaard broke a team rule by eating lunch during a game… an intrasquad game… during spring training. This may sound a lot like “practice? You talking about practice man?” but the same principal applies here. I thought things were pretty relaxed, laid back and not generally taken too seriously at this stage of the game. If that were the case then why can games end in a tie in the Grapefruit League?

Enough about Syndergaard, more on the captain of the Mets David Wright. Call me spoiled and call me bias but if this happened in the Yankees clubhouse under the Derek Jeter era we would have never heard about it. We also would have never had articles stating that Jeter, the CAPTAIN of the team, threw out a teammate’s lunch to “send a message.” That sounds an awful lot like bullying to me and awfully childish. The reports state that Bobby Parnell physically took the plate and threw it away but still, this is bullying and this is crap.

Syndergaard messed up, rookie mistake, but Wright and Parnell messed up more. This stuff, especially as a captain, never needs to get out to the media and it never needs to be handled in this way. This isn’t High School and Syndergaard won’t fit in a locker or a trash can because he won’t give you his chocolate milk so stop treating him like a child. But hey, it is the Mets we’re talking about here. What a joke. 

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