Thursday, March 5, 2015

Yankees Fire Employee over Curt Schilling & Twitter-Gate

We all know the story of the part-time ticker seller of the New York Yankees and the accusations being thrown around by Curt Schilling about some comments made on Twitter. The tweets were horrendous, truly disrespectful and embarrassing to the entire fan base and the team. I won’t beat a dead horse with that but I do bring you an update.

The Twitter account that was used to make these tweets has been disabled by twitter and Yankees spokesman Jason Zillo confirmed that the employee has been fired. The team has a “zero tolerance for anything like this” says Zillo and the team shouldn’t. Good call Yankees, now let’s get back to baseball. 


  1. Guy's I think what people wrote on Twitter about Schilling's daughter was disgusting. I want to make that crystal clear that I don't agree with that one bit. I do however take offense to this guy using his connections whether it was the FBI or CIA or Local Police to track down people and get them fired or labeled as a pedophile or whatever it is they are being branded.

    Writing those things show there incompetence, however what is the difference from people saying those hateful things or having a Neo Nazi group or KKK group march your town streets claiming death to Jews or using the N word or anything racist like that. I am not for big brother being able to summoned to get any of us because we spewed hatred on twitter or anywhere else. Some of you might not see the connection I provided, but to me they are one in the same as both are hateful.

    1. I'm with you Hans. You go on any Twitter any time of any day and that sort of stuff is going on. Because it's Curt Schilling the world has to lose it's mind. Not like he was a President or something, he played baseball.

    2. Don't forget he defaulted on like 30 million dollars from the state of RI on his video game business. Again I don't defend what was said about his daughter, I am pissed that he has the ability to use the FBI or local police or even the CIA to name the names of those people. Shouldn't they be doing their job catching criminals, terrorists and other real criminals and not the bad guys on Twitter. It's wrong

  2. Yes, it is wrong, but....
    What is wrong with you guys?

    Don't you know the rich and well-connected always have favors done for them! A father has the right and the duty to defend his family any way he can. He asked and received help, what he did or didn't do at another time or place has nothing to do with this.

    Have none of you asked a favor of someone you know? Or had the status to ask (or do) a favor and receive/give the help that was asked.
    He did much less than I would have done!
    There is a very good rule, it is one of the 11 commandments...Don't mess with me or mine!

    Ted Kennady got away with driving drunk and ended up in a river where his passenger died, he went home and the family called it in later, "leaving the site of an injury or death" is a felony. He got away with and I doing the same thing would have ended up in jail...Money has its privileges! Sharpton owes $mm's in taxes and is an advisor to the president.

    It may not be right but, that's life, get use to it!

  3. I don't have to get use to anything, especially when my first amendment rights might be sacrificed because some a-hole wants to prove a point about his power. I don't agree with what those guys said, however they have the right to say exactly what they want no matter how nasty or sick they want to. Again it is no different then the KKK marching in an all colored neighborhood. Do I agree with the KKK and anything they would say..hell no, but our founders gave us that right and to use tax payers resources for this isn't right, and by the way Sharpton owing about 4 million dollars and visiting the White House 80 or some times should tell you what kind of leader we have in office. Anyone of us would've been thrown in jail and had our properties foreclosed on.

    1. DANIEL....I know the boys, and I, have veered off the baseball highway...a bit.
      But you have two, bed rock Americans, posting at your site.
      I salute....Rocket Reed, and Ken Hans.
      Proud to be in their company.

    2. Thank you St Patty..right back at you.

    3. You aren't losing your first amendment rights at all Mr. Hans. You have always had the right to say what you want, some people (not you I know) forget that there are consequences for that free speech and you're held accountable for those words. I am speaking in general terms and not specifically to the Schilling situation here.

      It's Twitter and that stuff happens everyday. The guy is a scumbag but if you prosecute and fire one you have to do it to them all. All or nothing. My 2 cents.

    4. and patrick you know I've always been totally cool with and open to veering off the baseball track from time to time. It happens and frankly I enjoy it. You are a great bunch of guys even if I do want to string you guys up by your feet sometimes :) I kid. Maybe.


    Today, Mr Cashman said that there should be no more NY Yankee Captain, after Derek Jeter.
    What an idiotic statement. Does he take the captaincy to his grave ?...Why ?

    All this because Jeter did such a great job ?... It was not great, it was what he was supposed to do.
    All the more reason to continue with this tradition.

    Great leaders, lead men, and are called Captains. Rocket would of call his....Sergeant Major.
    I have issues with the last season of Jeter, but not for this.
    He did not create this winter fire storm, here in New York. Others did.

    The whole end of Jeter's career, was excessive, and over the top. At times embarrassing.
    And it continues as we move into 2015. I had thought it had ended.

    Take a moment to look at the list of former NY Yankees Captains, over the past century.
    What makes Jeter any better than those who proceeded him ?
    And if so....why should anyone curtain this vaulted tradition ?
    Hal Chase 1912
    Roger Peckinpaugh 1914-1921
    Babe Ruth 5/20/22-5/25/22
    Everett Scott 1922-1925
    Lou Gehrig 4/21/35-6/2/41
    Thurman Munson 4/17/76-8/2/79
    Graig Nettles 1/29/82-3/30/84
    Ron Guidry 3/4/86-7/12/89
    Willie Randolph 3/4/86-7/12/89
    Don Mattingly 2/28/91-1995
    Derek Jeter 6/3/03-10/2/14
    The late Mr Steinbrenner, would have pulled Brian aside, and said..." that was stupid, shut up."
    I agree.

    1. Look at the source Patrick. It's Cashman!!

    2. Oh and yes I dislike Cashman so I had to say it. Sorry

    3. Cashman doesn't even have the power to make this call. Talking out of his ass, again. I get that Jeter was great and all but the way he has been put on a pedestal since 2014 is way past ridiculous.

      If the captaincy didn't die with Gehrig then it will/should never die.

    4. THE YANKEE CAPTAIN...There should always be a Yankee captain.
      George knew this.
      George also would have given us a Cuban, and a pitcher this off season.

      When you have a player ( you may not always have that special player ) who can lead
      the others by example, lift those players in darkened times, and rally them when
      what they are giving is not enough.....You make him the Captain.

      Men who can lead are rare. When you see one, you will know it.

      Men who talk out of their ass, are unfortunately less rare.

    5. Damn Patrick, why don't you say what you mean more often? LOL

    6. On this one, I have to say Cashman was off base! I know Cash bleeds Yankee Blue, but for him to come out with something like that is insulting to the rest of the team! A good leader has his favorites but never plays favourites with anyone. A leader also never lets a click develop on his team...never, ever!
      A Good Captian is something all teams need and the Yankees will have one at some point this year.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)