Thursday, March 5, 2015

Glimpse Into Jacob Lindgren's Future

Jacob Lindgren made his debut this spring training the other day against the Philadelphia Phillies and his devastating slider was on full display in his inning of work. Lindgren's debut did not go as planned allowing a couple of hits were sprinkled around the Robert Refsnyder error in the field and a devastating strikeout in 0.2 IP. That's not important but what is important is the GIF above that shows his devastating slider that has been the talk of the town since he was drafted in 2014.

Lindgren's slider is a gift and a curse as the pitch goes wild from time to time since the break is so sharp on it. Lindgren seems to throw two different sliders, one that he buries in the dirt like the one above and one that is closer to a cutter that he throws for strikes. That pitch above is absolutely filthy and if he can harness that swing and miss slider just a tad he will be unstoppable in the major leagues.

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