Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Follow up Interview You've All Been Waiting For: Robert Pimpsner

This is the follow up interview that you have all been waiting for as once again we spoke with Mr. Robert Pimpsner, a beat writer that covers the Staten Island Yankees and the owner of the very popular and YES Network affiliated Pinstriped Prospects. We want to thank Mr. Pimpsner for taking the time to do another interview with us, it truly is appreciated.

The Greedy Pinstripes: 

So you started off our last interview by predicting the breakout of Dellin Betances, thank you for that by the way, is there anyone you would like to predict as that breakout player in 2015?

Well the easy answer would be to say a guy like Rob Refsnyder or Jacob Lindgren, both should make their MLB debuts this year.  However I am going to say Jose Pirela, whose versatility will be a major component of it.  He is a guy that will be able to back up pretty much all around the field in a pinch. 


Another question I mean't to ask in our previous interview that I didn't get to ask is what Yankee, if anyone specific, actually made you a Yankees fan?

I can’t really say it is just one Yankee.  I became a Yankee fan due to everyone I became friends with being in the Yankees organization.  It is great to see some of these guys I have called my friend play in the bigs.


Also when we last spoke you were readying the release of your site, which I love by the way, Pinstriped Prospects. How is that going? Tell the readers who may not have checked it out yet a little about it.

Thanks for the kind words, it was a long process to work on building the site.  Took almost a year and a half to get it going after a setback after setback.  It is going great actually, the site is growing faster than I expected so it can be tough to keep up with that.  The thing that really helps us is our partnership with the YES Network and the Yankees affiliates.  Unlike almost every other site or blog out there we have a person there at each ballpark.  They are there to watch the players, talk to them, talk to the coaches, scouts, etc.  We believe that in order to really report about prospects you have to see them.  We don’t do the so called “box score scouting” or regurgitate what another site writes.  Our writers are there at the ballparks, getting to see these guys play and getting the first-hand report.


When you cover a team as a beat writer or even as a blogger do you consider your fellow bloggers and beats to be more like a family where you go out and eat together and such or is it more strictly business?

Well it is tough, in Staten Island all but myself and the Staten Island Advance guys are new each year.  There sometimes the occasional two or three year guy but for the most part it is a new group of media each year.  I am good friends with the folks at the Advance and we talk regularly.  Usually grab a bite to eat together before Opening Day and help each other out on stories. We sort of act like the older brothers in the press box, helping out the young kids and teaching them what to do.  Some come in scared others come in cocky and arrogant so it can be tough.


Which prospects do you see making impacts in the Bronx in 2015?

There are a bunch I see making an impact this year.  The easiest ones to bring up are Rob Refsnyder, Jose Pirela, Bryan Mitchell, Jacob Lindgren.  But look out for guys like James Pazos, Tyler Webb, Nick Rumbelow they are knocking on the door.


Anyone your secretly hoping rehabs down in Staten Island sometime this season?

I hope to see zero injuries and a phenomenal team on the field in Staten Island.


Have you cooked up anything good lately that would make Chef Gordon Ramsay proud?

I have been working on my family-recipe BBQ sauce.  Making some of my own alterations, so far I have gotten rave reviews from my family and friends.  You should see the ribs I made for my friend’s super bowl party.

Next we'll do a few rapid fire questions just for fun. You don't have to answer them but I think they can be fun:


Cole Hamels for Luis Severino, Aaron Judge and Robert Refsnyder. Yes or no?



Alex Rodriguez fan? Yes or no?



Does your Alma mater St. John's reach the Sweet 16 in March Madness?

Yes (I’m optimistic)


Did Apple show you anything new this year that peaked your interest? (since you are un-American, I mean anti-Apple). Apple Pay is outdated and so is the Apple Watch but the new Notebook is pretty impressive you have to admit.

I have to admit that new MacBook looks beautiful and I am really interested in that USB-C tech.


We'll end it with this one. What advice do you have to anyone who is either trying to get into the sports blogging or sports photography field as you have seemingly mastered both?

Don’t be afraid to ask those who have been there questions and listen carefully.  See what they are doing and pay attention to it closely.  They are successful for a reason and most will help you out if you need it.

Be sure to check out Pinstripes Prospects by clicking the link and be sure to give those guys a follow on Twitter by following @PinstripedPros. Thanks again Robert for the interview and we wish you, Jed, Gershon and the rest of the crew nothing but the best of luck in the future, although I have a feeling you guys won't be needing it.

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