Sunday, March 8, 2015

Yankees Have Come Closest to Acquiring Cole Hamels

It is no secret that the Philadelphia Phillies are looking to trade both left handed starting pitchers they have in Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels. While Lee has to prove that he and his elbow are healthy Hamels may be the most attractive trade piece that is currently available at 31 years old. Many teams have presumably made offers and phone calls to Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. but apparently the Yankees have come closest to acquiring the LHP.

Whether this is posturing to try and fetch more out of the Boston Red Sox, who have shown a ton of interest in Hamels services, or if the report is honest remains to be seen. Conveniently the report does not mention any names coming out of the Yankees farm system but you have to think that package starts with Luis Severino, Aaron Judge and Robert Refsnyder and ends with probably Gary Sanchez and another prospect like Ian Clarkin. That's a ton, especially with the state of the farm system as it is being pretty top heavy right now, and honestly I don't think it's worth it. 

If the Yankees wanted a front line starting pitcher they could have signed one for just money in the offseason, why would the team trade away prospects to acquire one now in March? It doesn't make sense but the fact remains that Hamels makes the Yankees one of the best teams in the American League East and possibly in all of the American League. 


  1. There's no way I'm okay with Judge or Severino leaving now, but Sanchez and Refsnyder/Pirela would be tolerable

  2. I agree Jack. I don't really want to see any of those guys go, especially when their talent has been on display the last week.

  3. And that's why Hal sucks as an owner. Why do you have to trade for front line pitcher when you could've bought one. I don't want to hear about the luxury tax and payroll implications. This is a 3 billion dollar investment. He better start treating it as such

    1. Same old song and dance for this team isn't it? No way I would give up Ref, Judge and Severino for Hamels. Hamels five years ago, maybe. Well, probably. Not today.

    2. Agreed BURCH, I am finding myself agreeing too much with you and Reed. Something is wrong here

    3. Cashman is a great GM. There, back to normal.

  4. I don't think Judge or Severino would be included in any trade. A deal built around Sanchez, Austin and Clarkin would get it done.

    1. That's what Philadelphia asked for. Judge, Severino and Ref. Obviously they aren't getting them or Hamels would be starting against the Orioles tomorrow.

  5. I didn't believe spending all that money on Scherzer was necessary, so I certainly don't believe making an expensive deal like this would be either.

  6. Boston Globe / Cole Hamels.......calm down, lads.

    Consider the source of this enticing trade rumor....Nick Cafardo.
    Cafardo, of the Boston Globe. The Globe, the birthplace of the term..'Sox Nation.'

    He placates his Sox Nation readers, with any rumors, that belittle the Yankees at every turn.
    The Nation lusts for a Yankee mistake. Read his words re: Moncada.
    By the Yankees not signing Moncada, they gave the Sox the reincarnation of Carl Yastrzemski.

    This guy names players from other teams, involved in the Hamels pursuit.
    But names no Yankee youngsters in the proposed trade.. Wonder why ?

    If Hal Steinbrenner wanted a pitcher this off season...he could have gotten James Shields.
    Almost the same pitcher, almost the same monies, and you don't lose young talent.

    Don't think for one second, that other teams don't see what young players the Yankees have
    starting to rise to the top.
    Any four, or five of them, if obtained...could alter another teams direction. You know the names.
    For a 31 year old pitcher, who is not a Sabathia of 8 years ago ?
    Screw them, these are our guys.

    We say this all the time here......Hold your cards, the teams future is in your hand.

    Nice post by 'edwardgeneral' today. Hope you guys got a chance to digest it.

  7. Replies
    1. I third this patrick, your words are true and potent as usual.

  8. No No he is the best GM on the market. I couldn't agree with you more!

  9. Only a teaspoon...that's all I've had !

    I watched pieces of today's game vs. Tampa twice. So now I've seen the whole deal.
    I must say, coming out of this long winter, that I now must redirect my thoughts on
    where this team is headed.

    I know, I know...we've only seen snippets of this Yankee team, but is there reason for hope.

    I see pitching that has a potential to step forward, and contribute.......big time.
    I watched Michael Pineda again...healthy, and very Seattle like.
    Nathan Eovaldi ? You'll never miss Prado, honest. Rothschild has started his make over with him.
    You can't teach 97-98 mph. Some players today had their hands full with Eovaldi.

    Greg Bird...a hitter. A lefty hitter. MVP of the winter Arizona League. Reminds me of O'Neill.

    I could go on, and common sense tells me that it is early. But.........for many reasons I have
    become fixated on Tyler Austin.
    A very talented young player, who has shaken off that wrist injury. And he is healthy now.
    A most decent young person, of good character.

    I don't know how many of you remember Roy White ? A LF from the late 60's- mid 70's.
    Very similar to Austin. White was solid, and a main stay for many years. A character type person.
    That's how I see young Austin. Will be hurt me, if they lose / trade him.

    I'll finish. I think this Yankee group of young players is coming faster than management thought.
    After the past three years of great is that ? Gives me hope.

    It is time to step out from the darkness, and to carry the banner of 'The Evil Empire'...again.

    That Gravatar of Ken Reed. It took awhile, but now I can see....
    The 1996 movie 'Fargo'...Ken is the guy putting the bodies into the wood chipper.

    1. Ok, Patrick...
      I put the wicked witch of the west up, is that better? Only for this one comment!
      I have never seen our Farm so deep in my lifetime. We have some very good pitchers and very good prospects on the way for position players, some of whom I would like to see playing this year.
      We have an abundance of BP pitchers and I do mean...a bunch! About five starters on the way some closer than others but they have all shown great progress so far. If Tank and Pineda can get over their health problems we will have one hell of a starting rotation for the foreseeable future.

    2. patrick, it all comes down to health. I don't think the team will have the effectiveness problem it had last season. All the new free agents have a full season under their belt in New York, there is new found depth and youth being injected into the team and the talent will win out more times than not. I share your thoughts on Tyler Austin, although naturally I do now know of Roy White. My mom was born in 66 so...

    3. For your edification Daniel...
      Roy White was the "The Silent Assassin" for the Yankees. He was a very dependable player that went about his job quietly and let the others take the bow. A player such as him we need/have on our team...if one counts a few Farm Hands!

    4. Sounds a lot like Brett Gardner.


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