Sunday, April 26, 2015

Barry Bonds the Hall of Fame Player

Barry Lamar Bonds, the All-Time Home run king in Major League Baseball and yet his ticket to Cooperstown, New York and the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame has yet to be punched. We all know the allegations of steroid use and we all remember all too well the fallout from the Balco Clinic in San Francisco so we won’t harp on that much but instead we will discuss some of the victories that have come for Bonds since. Like many of the pitchers Bonds faced in his career the former San Francisco Giants left fielder won another battle this week that, of course in my opinion, should at least help him get into the Hall of Fame.

After 12 years of legal trouble and eight years after becoming the All-Time home run king Bonds has finally been declared a clean man, in the eyes of a judge anyway. Bonds was cleared of all charges involving steroid use on Wednesday and his felony charge of obstruction was also overturned in an appeals court in San Francisco. While Bonds has been cleared of any wrongdoings I don’t believe it will change the mind of many Hall of Fame voters, Roger Clemens was not helped by his court case that found him not guilty of obstruction and perjury, but it’s still a victory for Bonds and his fans.

This doesn’t mean Bonds did steroids or didn’t do steroids, truth be told he probably did, but it also doesn’t mean that you can single one person out without any proof. If you do that then, again in my opinion, you have to do it to the entire era. All or nothing. Just because Bonds was the best of the era doesn’t mean he should be punished. Innocent until proven guilty and the American Dream are all things we are promised when we come into this world and it’s time we start collecting on that notion.

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