Sunday, April 12, 2015

Same Old Recycled Alex Rodriguez News

Bill Madden of the New York Post is recycling the same old news regarding Alex Rodriguez and his $6 million bonus for home runs again. This presumably came about after Alex hit his first home run of the season this week moving within just five home runs of tying Willie Mays on the all-time home run list and moves just five home runs away from a $6 million bonus that the New York Yankees don't want to pay him.

Alex hit his 655th home run of his career in the game three loss to the Blue Jays making you wonder if we're going to see one of these posts by Madden and crew with every home run he hits this season. New York is prepared to go to an arbitrator rather than simply pay the deal since the Yankees no longer think this is a milestone.

According to Madden's sources the deal was signed separately from his mega-deal and it is up to the Yankees discretion whether to call his home runs milestones or not. New York considers the home runs tainted and not milestones meaning once again this is going to get ugly between the Yankees and Mr. Rodriguez. That I have no issue with, the fact that responsible journalists are running with this like it's new news is my issue. Must be a slow day and you guys must be out of ideas.

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