Thursday, April 2, 2015

What if Didi Isn’t Ready?

Didi Gregorius was expected to test out his sprained wrist yesterday afternoon and did not as planned due to some swelling in the wrist. Didi stayed in the game after the play so the Yankees are probably just being safe rather than sorry, like they are known to do, but what would New York do if Didi had to be placed retroactively on the disabled list to start the 2015 season?

Robert Refsnyder has had his heart broken a few times this offseason because he got his hopes up that he had a chance to make the team. None more than when the Yankees traded Martin Prado to the Miami Marlins seemingly opening the door for him. A Stephen Drew signing later and Refsnyder looked destined to start the season in Triple-A despite hitting nearly .350 this spring before a Brendan Ryan leg injury got his hopes up once again. If Gregorius were to start the season on the disabled list and if Jose Pirela is still battling a concussion the door may be opened for Refsnyder but the team would be in serious trouble at the shortstop position. 

Drew would slide into the starting shortstop position with Refsnyder getting the starting nod at second base presumably if Didi were not ready for Opening Day. Pirela could also get the job at second base but it seems more and more likely that Refsnyder has jumped over him on the depth charts after another strong spring. The only advantage to carrying Pirela over Refsnyder is the 40 man roster spot but Ivan Nova and Chris Capuano are 60 day DL candidates plus the team has an open spot on the roster anyway making the point pretty moot. 

I’m not saying that Refsnyder should be happy that an injury occurred but the truth of the matter is it looks like that is the only way the team is going to give him a real shot in the Bronx this season. I hope Didi is okay but it does make me feel good that the Yankees have assembled enough depth and insurance to seemingly not skip a beat in the instance of an injury. 

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