Tuesday, May 26, 2015

New Superstitions & Winning Streaks

The New York Yankees started out the season on a terrible 3-6 record before the team started growing mustaches as a team building exercise. After the team grew out their mustaches, or in some cases it was more like peach fuzz, the Yankees went on a roll and started winning a ton of games. Now the team has been losing much more then they have been winning and in true superstitious nature the team shaved off the mustaches looking to turn things around. The shaving of the staches apparently did not do much for the team's offense, defense and pitching so I have come up with an idea for a new superstition and a new hope to turn the team around, shave their heads.

The Yankees have a no facial hair policy on the team where any player, coach or manager is restricted from growing a beard of any kind and is only allowed to grow a mustache that does not exceed their bottom lip. The team also cannot have long hair that touches their collar on their jersey but there are no rules against shaving their heads. Could you imagine?

Mark Teixeira as a skin head, Jacoby Ellsbury without that beautiful black hair of his, Nathan Eovaldi without his longer set of locks, Stephen Drew looking like a chemo patient just because and even Alex Rodriguez getting a 2014 Derek Jeter cut. It may or may not work but it would be interesting to see either way, Brett Gardner needs to get this done.

Call it "The Jeter" cut

For men or for women

Even Tom Brady is doing it....

and this guy thought he was original... psh

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