Saturday, May 23, 2015

Yankees To Call Up Jacob Lindgren!



  1. Mixed feelings on this move. First, it's about time. Lindgren was wasting his time at AAA. It shouldn't have been Pinder that went down though. He was pitching better than Carpenter, Rogers, and Wilson. Second, I wish it was a double move that brought Refsnyder as well. Another guy wasting his time in AAA.

  2. Carpenter and Rogers don't have options. Wilson does but he's more of a LOOGY at this point where Lindgren can get both lefties and righties out.

    Refsnyder is next. Pirela is here, Lindgren is here... Refsnyder's time will come.

  3. I figured they were out of options. Pretty sad though. Hang on to a couple of poorly performing pitchers and demote one that was actually doing his job. I still think that option limitation needs to be revisited in the next CBA.

  4. Theoretically the team could call Pinder back up in 10 days and DFA one of those two if they wanted to.

  5. You and I both know that won't happen.

    1. Probably not, no, but it should. Carpenter should be gone.


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