Saturday, May 23, 2015

Manfred Thinks New York Shouldn’t Pay A-Rod

The New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez has an unlikely admirer in Robert Manfred, new Commissioner of Major League Baseball, but that doesn’t mean that he necessarily thinks the Yankees should pay him his $6 million bonus. Alex has a clause written into a marketing contract that states that the team owes him $6 million for certain home run plateaus including tying Willie Mays like he did in Fenway Park last month. The Yankees stated before the home run happened that they would fight the $6 million bonus and refuse to pay it and Manfred has been quoted as saying that he thinks the Yankees have grounds not to pay Mr. Rodriguez.

The marketing deal that the team and Rodriguez agreed to in December of 2007 was a separate deal aside from his 10 year deal worth $275 million. With that in mind Manfred was quoted as saying “The Yankees have a well-founded legal position.” We all know why the Yankees are fighting it, the steroid suspension, the black eye to the team, the fact that the home run is no longer marketable in their eyes, etc. The Yankees had 30 days to pay Rodriguez for the milestone home run and when they don’t Rodriguez will have to file a grievance against the team. Rodriguez has been told he will have the backing of the Major League Baseball Players Association if and when he does file the suit which bodes well for his however slim chances.

Rodriguez is batting .246 with 10 home runs and 22 RBI entering the weekend series with the Rangers doing a great job re-entering a difficult situation with his teammates and the fan. The man deserves his money, pay him. You’re only making yourself and the team look bad Mr. Steinbrenner. 

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