Saturday, June 20, 2015

Mariano Rivera is Praying for the Yankees

Mariano Rivera, Major League Baseball’s all-time leader in saves and postseason saves visited Israel this week because he had some praying to do. Well I’m sure that’s not why he went to Israel at all but he did do some praying for his former Yankees battery mates inside Jerusalem. Rivera spent the day touring the Tower of David, an ancient Citadel and other famous landmarks in the Old City.

Rivera was quoted as saying “they have a tremendous bullpen. They have a great team, period” and believes that the Yankees are getting by just fine without him. Either way the Yankees need all the prayers they can get right now as they continue to have another June slide and I’m sure I can speak for everyone associated with the Yankees, ownership, players, managers, fans, etc. when I say that we appreciate that Mo. Thank you. 

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