Saturday, June 20, 2015

My Plan for the Return of Jacoby Ellsbury

Jacoby Ellsbury is reportedly ahead of schedule in his rehab on his right knee and could be back in the Yankees lineup as soon as the end of June. With the return of Ellsbury looming the Yankees are going to have some decisions to make regarding the roster, a set of decisions that players like Mason Williams are making tougher and tougher on the club.

First and foremost you have to think that Chris Young’s roster spot is safe seeing that he is the only right handed outfielder the Yankees currently have. Also you have to think that Brett Gardner’s spot is safe and his lineup position will be shifted back down to the #2 hole rather than having him leadoff leaving Carlos Beltran and Mason Williams fighting it out for the last spot on the team. Beltran has this year and next year on his contract for roughly $23 million combined while Williams has all his minor league options and is able to be sent down. Williams will be sent down, we all know this, but should he?

Williams is a left handed bat while Beltran is a switch hitter which would leave the Yankees with one less right handed bat option when the team is facing off against a left handed pitcher on the mound if Beltran were to be designated for assignment making the decision tough, but probably necessary, to demote Williams. Mason is another player that can play center field and his speed and energy is a much needed shot in the arm to this team and this offense but the deck is stacked against Williams unfortunately here.

If it were me I would cut our losses and ties with Beltran and send him on his way while I kept Williams around for the rest of the season but I realize how unrealistic that is. This is just another curious case of the Yankees signing of a veteran player and playing him regardless of his track record and effectiveness and how it’s going to affect the team negatively. 

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