Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Weekly Check In: Aaron Judge

In a bit of exciting news on Father’s Day the New York Yankees announced that their top positional player and prospect Aaron Judge would be getting a promotion from the Double-A Trenton Thunder to the Triple-A Scranton Wilkes-Barre RailRiders. Judge is taking that next stop, and possibly the biggest step, to the major leagues with the promotion and many Yankees fans couldn’t be happier about the move. Carlos Beltran is stinking up the joint out in right field and isn’t exactly making the fans forget about his defensive shortcomings with his offense so Judge may be a sight for sore eyes sometimes later in the season while Beltran may learn to ride the bench.

Judge’s numbers don’t reflect how much of a great talent he is and how much of a great talent he could be in the major leagues. Judge has more than adequate defense in right field while he adds a great batter’s eye and monstrous raw power that rivals the likes of Giancarlo Stanton.

Whether Judge can ever shake the Giancarlo comparisons and become his own player and his own person remains to be seen but this call up will surely give the scouts, the Yankees and the fans the look they need to make the determination on their own. 


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