Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Twitter Poll: Yankees & the July 31st Trading Deadline

It is getting to be about that time in the MLB season where contenders distance themselves from the rest of the pack, the pretenders show their true colors and a whole slew of players change uniforms at the July 31st trading deadline. When I was a kid and a teenager, back in the George Steinbrenner era when “The Greedy Pinstripes” would have been an appropriate blog name for this team, this was the best time of the summer as I constantly refreshed MLB Trade Rumors and watched Baseball Tonight for the latest rumors, news and speculation. Now we stand here on June 23rd a little more than a month away from the trade deadline and I find myself wondering what the Yankees will do to add to this year’s team, if anything, which sounded like a good spot for a Twitter poll.

Johnny Cueto

If the New York Yankees were to acquire Johnny Cueto for Mason Williams, Ramon Flores and some prospects not named Luis Severino and Aaron Judge I would personally go shake the hand of Brian Cashman myself and congratulate him. Truth is though the Reds are banking on their rebuild coming from the trade of Cueto and that won’t fit into the Yankees plans. You may get Mike Leake for Williams and/or Flores but you won’t get Cueto, not even for two months of the season.

Troy Tulowitzki

Even with Didi Gregorius hitting better and defending much better lately this is a trade rumor I can get behind. Nice work Michael.

Martin Prado

Another rental and another familiar face. The tweet does pose an interesting line of thinking, we are paying the many already so why not? Here’s a better question, why not Robert Refsnyder?

Staying Put

This I normally can get behind but the window for THIS team to win is 2015 and it closes next season. While I don’t want to sacrifice the future for a playoff run in 2015 I think the team needs to take advantage of a weak AL East division and get the necessary pieces to hold off the Rays and the Blue Jays. I really don’t want to wait until the 2017 or 2018 season to make the playoffs again.

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