Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Why Is This Team So Damn Frustrating?

Why is this team so damn frustrating and so damn inconsistent? The team sweeps a good team and then almost gets swept by a last place team. The pitching is superb for a week and then couldn’t hit the strike zone if Stevie Wonder was calling the games the next week. The team comes up with big hit after big hit and home run after home run against a pitcher like Felix Hernandez only to get three hit by a guy that I hadn’t heard of before he started against the team this week. The struggle for consistency is real and this team is so damn frustrating.

Monday night against the Miami Marlins really painted the picture of what this season is going to be like. Tommy Koehler, who is the pitcher I alluded to never hearing about before Monday, allowed three hits and one run in seven innings against the Yankees on Monday night. The one run was a home run by Mark Teixeira and the other two hits came off the bat of Didi Gregorius, that’s it. Then you see Matt Capps come in with his semi-illegal mechanics and the closer comes in for the 9th and closes the book on a close and tough Yankees loss. That contest was only close and tough because of Sergio Santos retiring the Marlins with two strikeouts and a ground ball after Jose Ramirez loaded the bases with nobody out.

This has been the “M.O” of the Yankees team all season long. This is the team that beat the Detroit Tigers three games out of four after the Tigers grabbed the best record in baseball. This is also the team that beat the New York Mets, who also had the best record in baseball at the time, the series before and is also the team that took six of the first seven games against a tough Tampa Bay Rays team. Then you have series where the Yankees almost get swept by the Oakland Athletics who hadn’t won a home series all year long before New York came to town.

Brian Cashman said if the team can stay close and stick around at the trading deadline that he would get the team to the playoffs and possibly the World Series. It’s June 17th Cashman and the Yankees have held first place for much of the season….. Your move. 

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  1. The trade deadline is still a ways away.

    With that said, though, I don't expect anything big to happen. Actually, I'm afraid of anything big happening, because that could very well mean the Yankees dealt away some good prospects.


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