Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Weekly Check In: Greg Bird

The New York Yankees have left me scratching my head for many of my years as a fan when it comes to prospects and this year is no different. New York has been very wary of calling up and rushing many prospects like Robert Refsnyder, Gary Sanchez and others but have seemingly been very aggressive with others like Luis Severino and Aaron Judge. And then there’s Greg Bird who is still in Double-A after a strong start to his season and an Arizona Fall League MVP Award.

It seems unclear what the Yankees plan is regarding Bird at this point. Is he a legitimate prospect that will possibly replace Mark Teixeira at first base when his mega contract comes to an end? Is he trade bait this July for a piece to presumably put the Yankees over the top and into the postseason and beyond? Or is he another Kyle Roller? Hard to say, stay tuned.

If the Yankees do decide to trade Bird this summer this is what the Trenton Thunder would be missing out of the middle of their lineup for the remainder of the season: 


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