Friday, July 24, 2015

Weekly Check In: Robert Refsnyder

You know how last week I started out the Friday morning check in by saying that this should be the last one for Robert Refsnyder in a while? Refsnyder was up in the big leagues with the Yankees hitting home runs against the Boston Red Sox and showing everyone how far his defense had come since spring training. Joe Girardi was impressed enough to basically play Refsnyder every day and in not so many words hand him the starting job while Stephen Drew eased into a utility role. Then the All-Star break happened, Brendan Ryan came back and Brian Cashman showed his idiot side and sent him back down to Scranton so here we are again once again checking in on Refsnyder with the RailRiders, but I’m not bitter or anything like that.

Many beat writers believe that Cashman wanted Ryan and Drew on the roster through the July 31st trade deadline and will bring Refsnyder back up on August 1st but that remains to be seen. Either way Refsnyder is saying all the right things to the media and is seemingly keeping his wits about him in the whole situation but while that’s encouraging he needs to let his bat do the talking for him. Refsnyder needs to hit the ball so well and so consistent that the Yankees have to call him up and leave him up, for good this time. Refsnyder can do it, let’s just hope that he does and doesn’t fall into the discouraged and depressed state that many Yankees prospects fall into after earning but not being given a shot in the Major Leagues. 


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