Friday, August 21, 2015

Weekly Check In: Robert Refsnyder

Robert Refsnyder has his eye on the prize and that prize is evidently going to be a call up to the Major Leagues on September 1st. In my opinion Refsnyder has done everything he needed to do and then some to warrant a call up before then but the team is committed to sticking with Stephen Drew and his 15 home run power. You know where I stand on the matter and I won't use yet another blog post to rant and rave about how Refsnyder should be here, Drew should be on the bench and Brendan Ryan should be gone.

Mike Francesa, take that with a grain of salt, stated on his radio show that he had "sources" telling him that Refsnyder was in Triple-A due to his attitude problems. Francesa also told us that Michael Pineda had a very serious elbow injury according to those same sources when it turned out he had a forearm strain and is less than two weeks away from returning. I don't believe him or his sources and if it turns out that Refsnyder does have an attitude problem, so what? It's not an attitude, it's called emotion. He wants to win, he wants to be in the big leagues and he has a fire in him that we're not used to seeing since Derek Jeter kept everyone in check in front of the media. 

The Derek Jeter Effect is over and Refsnyder wants to win. That's not an attitude, that's called a desire to win and the will to be a member of the New York Yankees. Bring him up. 



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