Monday, September 21, 2015

Quick Hit: Scratch That, We Don't Want Houston

Early in the week last week I wrote a post stating that I was officially rooting for the Texas Rangers to win the American League West Division. Well Texas obviously read my work and took my words to heart because after sweeping the Houston Astros in a three-game head-to-head matchup the Rangers now control the AL West Division and the Yankees would face off with the Astros in the American League Wild Card Playoff round in a one-game series. My line of thinking was that the Yankees have had a better record against the Astros than they have against the Rangers but then I remember who would start that one-game playoff for Houston... Dallas Keuchel.

Keuchel is likely going to win the American League Cy Young Award this season, hell he has my vote on my IBWAA Ballot, and has absolutely dominated the New York Yankees this season. Keuchel has made a pair of starts against the Yankees this season and has gone eight innings in each of those starts combining for exactly zero runs allowed. Zero. He's owned the Yankees this season and would likely start in that one-game playoff. Cole Hamels would likely start for Texas in the Wild Card round so it's really the lesser of two evils but right now I think I take my chances against Hamels over Keuchel because Keuchel is just filthy.

I'll take my chances with Hamels who has pitched to an ERA over 4.00 with Texas over Keuchel who has used the power of the beard to dominate not only the Yankees but the rest of the league. I officially reverse my stance, Go Houston! Go somewhere besides Yankee Stadium on October 6th.

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