Thursday, October 1, 2015

End of the Season Comparisons: The Closer

The New York Yankees were heavily criticized this winter when the team allowed former closer David Robertson to leave via free agency to greener pastures in Chicago with the Chicago White Sox after the team signed Andrew Miller to close games in the Bronx. Robertson ended up signing a four-year deal with Chicago worth $46 million while Miller signed for four-years and $36 million, in case you’re terrible at math and don’t have a calculator handy that’s a $10 million difference. Did the Yankees make the right move in allowing Robertson to walk in favor of Miller for less money and comparable stats, you know the kind of move that 29 other teams would make and be praised for, or did the Yankees drop the ball in letting the temporary heir to Mariano Rivera walk?



Robertson has been Robertson in 2015 while Miller has been Miller other than the save totals. In Miller’s first season as a full-time closer the left-hander has thrived in the position and not let the pressure get to him. That same pressure we as fans used to think Robertson buckled under as he walked the bases loaded or was forced to pull off another Houdini act. Robertson’s stats in 2015 with the White Sox are comparable to his stats in New York and they have been comparable, but not superior, to Miller’s this season. All-in-all it looks like Brian Cashman made the right decision in letting Robertson walk and by signing Miller although I can’t see many people agreeing with that just because. 

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