Tuesday, November 3, 2015

YES Network: Exit Interview for Rico Noel

For the entire interview CLICK HERE and see below for a short excerpt from the guys over at the YES Network. Lou DiPietro, a friend of the blog, conducted the interviews so definitely give him a click or two, he's great at what he does and an even better person. Thank you!

The New York Yankees' 2015 season ended at Yankee Stadium Tuesday night, thanks to a 3-0 loss to the Houston Astros in the American League Wild Card Game.

Following the game, many Yankees players, coaches, and officials were in a reflective mood, beginning both the look back on this year and the look ahead to 2016 - so much so that the YESNetwork.com team was able to conduct a series of "exit interviews" on the subjects.

Here now is the brief exit interview with a Yankees speedster who was on the roster for but did not play in the Wild Card Game, outfielder Rico Noel.

Q. Your first major-league experience ended with your first postseason game, and you did it all with the most successful franchise in baseball. What was that like for you?

NOEL: It's been great, and we have a great group of guys here. There are a lot of savvy veterans to learn from here, and I couldn't ask for a better experience or group of guys. It stinks we didn't get this win (in the Wild Card Game), but it's been a pleasure having them show me the ropes.

Q. Pinch-running has become an art form of late, especially in September. How did you prepare knowing you have such a specialized role on the team?

NOEL: It was just about accepting and embracing the role. The Yankees gave me an opportunity to come up here, and because all the guys are already established, I felt like I had to come up here and embrace the role. It's also a clutch role, where I'm only going to be coming into close games, so I had to really mentally prepare for that - but that's what I live for, coming through in the clutch.

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