Friday, December 11, 2015

Aroldis Chapman Es Tonto

"I'm here to smoke cigars, shoot guns and choke women.. and I'm all out of cigars." - Not Aroldis Chapman

For the bilingual challenged and our non-Spanish speaking friends, tonto roughly means stupid. Aroldis Chapman is stupid. Let’s leave the game out of this for a second. Anyone who gets charged with domestic violence or commits the act, in my opinion of course, is stupid. I have a wife and I have two children and damn they can be frustrating at times and we fight maybe more than our fair share but you don’t see me punching her in a club, Yasiel Puig looking at you, and you don’t see me choking them on the same day I am finally going to get out of the hell hole that the Cincinnati Reds organization has become over the past couple of years.

By now even the news of the Los Angeles Dodgers agreeing to send two prospects to Cincinnati for Chapman and one year of service time has even made it to those living under a rock. What came out shortly after that news broke is what shocks me. Chapman reportedly fired eight gunshots after an altercation with his girlfriend that resulted in him choking her. This happened on October 30th and no charges were filed, and we’re just now hearing about it?

Chapman could be subject to a fine and/or suspension through Major League Baseball’s new domestic violence policy, even without an arrest or conviction.

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