Friday, December 11, 2015

Chase Headley for James Shields?

How did we ever make it back even in the 1990’s without cell phones, the internet at the touch of our fingers and social media? Honestly I’ll never know but I know one thing for sure, I don’t want to go back. Facebook is nice, Google+ was okay for a minute but I truly cannot get enough of twitter. The absolute interaction and user interface just gets me and I love it. I love interacting with everyone who reads the blog. You float me your thoughts on my articles and you, either directly or indirectly, float ideas for articles there as well. Much like this article I am about to tackle as one of my good friends, Michael Brogna, suggested trading third baseman Chase Headley back to the San Diego Padres for right-handed starting pitcher James Shields. Would it work?

My immediate question to Mike was who would play third base and replace Headley? Currently the only Yankees player I would “trust” at the position defensively is Brendan Ryan, yuck. Sure it’s easy to just say “add Yangervis Solarte” in the deal or “take on Jedd Gyorko’s salary (who has since been traded to the St. Louis Cardinals) and play him there” or even “just trade for Trevor Plouffe” but the league doesn’t work like that. Solarte was one of San Diego’s better hitters in 2015 and it’s going to take a lot more than just Chase Headley to pry him away, again. Jedd Gyorko is not a third baseman, never has been and likely never will be. He held his own at shortstop last season but he’s not going to get better the more he ages, he’s going to get worse. He was used as a shortstop out of necessity and out of desperation, not because his bat dictated him being there. Finally, simply trading for a young and controllable guy isn’t that easy. Especially for a young team that plans on contending as soon as the 2016 season. It’s just not that easy.

Looking at the third base market I don’t see much available right now for the Yankees to acquire. The most attractive pieces are Juan Uribe, Will Middlebrooks, David Freese and Mark Reynolds. No, on a minor league deal then maybe, interesting but still probably a no and who wants 15 home runs and 200 strikeouts this season with defense that will make Headley’s look Gold Glove caliber? And while we’re on the subject who wants James Shields and that incredibly back loaded and overpaid contract? Isn’t this team trying to get away from deals like these?

Mike, I love you bro and I appreciate and respect your input and opinion on this but I just can’t back you on it. Only way I’m taking Shields is on a salary dump where the team loses nothing. This plugs a hole that wasn’t really a problem to begin with and makes a huge hole at third base and in the lineup. As it stands today I have to say no thank you. 


  1. It seems as though more and more writers are agreeing with me on moving Mateo to 2nd base.
    The only one that counts is Management!
    Catcher --- Gary Sanchez is becoming a much better defense catcher year after year. He maybe one of the better power hitters in the Yankee's minor league. organization.
    First Base ---- Greg Bird showed that he is more than ready to help at 1st, good bat/with power and improved defense.
    Second Base ---- Jorge Mateo is a base stealing wiz. His defense should better at second versus short. He is a contact hitter that should be hitting in the 1st/2nd slot.
    Short Stop ---- Didi Gregorius is a better SS than Mateo...only because of his arm Only going to get better with experience. Should become a very good leadoff hitter or bat second in this young line-up.
    Third Base ---- Fill with one of the SS from the farm or a trade! We have a few guys that are listed as SS with good bats and a chance to grow into some power but don't have the talents to break into the SS logjam.
    Left Field ---- Mason Williams or Aaron Hicks both could be supplanted by Ben Gamel...IF they want more power over the speed/Defense Mason and Hicks would give.
    Center Field ---- Slade Heathcott IF his injury past is done with. If not, then Mason Williams is next in line.
    Right Field ---- Aaron Judge has shown he can play right field with anyone. We know he has power but, needs to close some of the holes in his swing.
    DH---Eric Jagilo good bat with some pop, maybe an Avg, 3rd baseman.

    Always open to trades.

    1. Problem with third base is the arm strength does not always translate. Also you tend to want some offense out of your third baseman. You can live with defense only at second base or shortstop, usually not third base. That's why the Yankees almost need Jagielo to come around.

      Hicks is the quickest and best defender of any outfielder you mentioned, he's likely the center fielder but that's more of a nitpick than anything.

    2. I don't have a problem with Hicks as a center fielder at all, if he is faster than Slade Heathcott he must be faster than I thought..."Speed kills" and defence keeps one in the game.

    3. Also, the read on a couple of the SS down on the farm is they have some power and all around hitting skills but may not be able to stay at SS because they will fill out to much and limited range. I will try and find the blog.


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