Monday, December 7, 2015

Market for Ivan Nova Heating Up?

The New York Yankees have made it no secret that they are willing to wheel and deal this winter, but only if the deal makes sense for Brian Cashman. Cashman has already traded away his backup catcher for a fourth outfielder and a utility infielder for a Double-A starting pitcher and he may not be done there. Cashman has also begun fielding offers for his left fielder, closer and many of his starting pitchers including Ivan Nova. Last week we covered Nova specifically and begged the question, Who Would Be Interested in Ivan Nova? Well today we learn that the market for Nova may begin heating up soon and it begins in Chicago.

According to reports and news rumors, so take that with a grain of salt, the Chicago White Sox were interested in both Nova and the Oakland Athletics right-hander Jesse Chavez earlier this winter. Chavez has been since traded to the Toronto Blue Jays while Nova remains inside a Yankees uniform. With the Winter Meetings now underway Chicago’s interest is said to have “spiked” on Nova.

Nova turns 29-years old in January and is coming off a somewhat disappointing 2015 campaign where he posted a 6-11 record and a 5.07 ERA in 17 starts. I say somewhat disappointing because it was his first season removed from Tommy John surgery and the first year is more about the health of his elbow and actually getting the work in, something Nova did not struggle with, more so than his stats and his command, something Nova did in fact struggle with.

Before the Tommy John surgery Nova had posted a 37-18 record from 2011 to 2013 including a 16-win season and has two more years of team control through the arbitration process. Nova is projected to make $4.5 million in arbitration in 2016.

Nova was mentioned in a potential Johnny Cueto trade, although obviously he would not be the headliner or center piece, with the Cincinnati Reds in July before the right-hander ultimately went to Kansas City so it could be worth revisiting those trade talks as well this week in Nashville. Either way Nova may be spending his final weeks inside a Yankees uniform. 

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