Friday, December 4, 2015

Yankees Sign Pete Kozma to MiLB Deal

The New York Yankees have signed Pete Kozma, former St. Louis Cardinals shortstop and postseason hero, to a minor league deal with an invitation to Spring Training 2016. Kozma is all defense and no bat and may be another alternative/option for the last utility player spot on the roster. Brendan Ryan is now officially on notice.

More to come later on Kozma. This is not going to change the season much and Kozma will likely start the season in Scranton manning the shortstop position.


  1. STILL WATCHING PAINT DRY....seems like it's taken years.

    I still can not get used to watching top flight ball players migrate to other ball clubs. While
    Yankee mgmt. says to hang in there for another year, or two, or three.....

    This is not the way it was. Never this uninspiring. George was the greatest.
    He owned the Yankees. Baseballs bad asses....and he rocked.
    Then he passed, and then 'the Yankees hit too many home runs', and here we are.

    If one is the biggest, and the most historic....Act like it. They have become the Phillies,
    or some other run of the mill outfit. Look at the Mets, for god sakes !

    The entire National Baseball Team of Cuba has passed them by, and now helps other teams.
    I wonder what a top free agent pitcher would add to this staff. We'll never know.

    Here I sit on the fence, waiting for the next 'farm report', and Greinke goes to Arizona.
    Before that, Price....George would have had the back pages burning with hope.. We'll never know.

    Hope ? Hope is on the way...Pete .217 Kozma. Really ? Did someone make this name up ?

    A $3 Billion dollar team should be able to assemble a team that is picked to go all the way.
    Would not you think ?

  2. Like I've said Patrick....
    Come over to the real world side of Yew York and help me scrap the wax off the floor! LOL

    I posted a comment for getting Hayward, what say you?


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)