Friday, January 22, 2016

Agent for Cespedes Called the Yankees & Loves New York

Yoenis Cespedes loves New York, who doesn’t though right? Call me bias since I was born in the Bronx and lived there for much of my life but New York is the greatest place on Earth. The greatest place I’ve ever been to anyway. The place is so diverse, the food is amazing, the atmosphere is breathtaking and every once in a while the people surprise you and will be friendly. There’s a Starbucks on every corner and its home to some of the greatest sports franchises in the world including the New York Giants and Jets, the New York Rangers and Islanders, the Buffalo Bills, the New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets and the New York Yankees and New York Mets. Cespedes got a taste of the Big Apple last season with the Mets as he helped the team reach the World Series for the first time since 2000 and he doesn’t want to leave any time soon.

While Cespedes was negotiating with the New York Mets to stay and the Washington Nationals to leave on a free agency contract the agent for Yoenis made an interesting phone call to Brian Cashman. Apparently Cespedes would prefer to stay in New York and turn down a five-year deal worth a reported $100 million from Washington and he doesn’t seem to have a preference which New York team he would sign with. Roc Nation, yes that Roc Nation, reached out to the Yankees on Thursday to tell them of Cespedes’ interest in playing the outfield inside Yankee Stadium in 2016. The agents asked the Yankees if they wanted to “jump in with a three-year offer” and I wonder who hung up first, Hal Steinbrenner, Jay-Z or Robinson Cano. 


  1. Yankees could give him the same as the Mets did...three with an opt. out in one year. I not so sure I'd do it but then it could work out.
    The problem is we have a few guys waiting in the wings to play as it is, none of whom have his numbers but then what happens to Brett? Traded or become the 4th outfielder? Left field in Yankee stadium needs a center fielder skill set to play it well.

    1. No way Hal was going to come off of $25-$27.5 million for Cespedes. Even if it was for one season. Would make him feel uncomfortable. And not cheap.

    2. I agree but for one year it would be nice. But I hate the idea of making players that are as ready as they will ever be, sitting in AAA for a few years when if we didn't have Ells, Beltran, CC and A-Rod they would be giving everything they have to win for the home team. But, no, they are rotting in AA or AAA.
      Some in the organization think the prospects have to hit the ground running when they come up. When has that happened? A few players have but Jeter, A-Rod, Mickey and many others have not done so but look what they did as players...?
      Find a way Cashman and Hal, get those others out of here and give the Kids a chance.


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