Saturday, January 30, 2016

Meet a Prospect: Carlos Corporan

The latest member of the New York Yankees second wave of reinforcements is former Texas Rangers backup catcher Carlos Corporan. After tweeting out “Corpy Day” on every day that he got to start in Texas the young catcher will look to bring his talents and awesome tweeting skills to the Bronx after signing a minor league deal with the club. Corporan will receive an invitation to spring training and will compete directly with Austin Romine and Gary Sanchez for the honor of backing up Brian McCann this coming season. Many of you may know Corporan already but for those who don’t allow me to introduce you to the latest New York Yankee. This is Meet a Prospect, the Carlos Corporan Edition.

Carlos Fernando Corporan was born on January 7, 1984 in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. Even as a young child Corporan stated he wanted to play professional baseball when he grew up and he took that mindset with him to Lake City Community College where he played for the school’s baseball team. Corporan was a shortstop then but it was at Lake City where he converted to a catcher and caught the attention of the Milwaukee Brewers who took him in the 12th round of the 2003 Major League Baseball First Year Players Draft.

Corporan stayed in the Milwaukee farm system until finally getting his first call up to the Major Leagues in 2009 after Mike Rivera sprained his ankle and was forced to the disabled list. Corporan got a single at bat with the Brewers and made the most of his opportunity as he laced his first MLB hit off shortstop Paul Janish. After the 2009 season Corporan filed for free agency and ended up signing a minor league deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks with a similar invitation to spring training. Corporan spent the 2010 season with Arizona before latching on with the Houston Astros for the 2011 season on yet another minor league deal and another invitation to spring training.

Corporan played sparingly for the Astros in 2011 and 2012 before getting his first real shot at the major league level in 2013. Corporan played in a total of 64 games that season and hit for a .225 batting average with seven home runs and 20 RBI. That was enough to warrant one more season in Houston before being designated for assignment before the 2015 season. The Rangers acquired Corporan after the DFA and Corpy spent the season backing up Robinson Chirinos before electing for free agency once again this season. That is when the New York Yankees and Brian Cashman came calling with another minor league deal and yet another invitation to spring training.

Good luck Corpy and welcome to the family.


  1. SOMETIMES...I must take a step backwards, and reevaluate my mind set.
    I tend to charge out over the trenches, and could care less about
    taking hostages.

    After all my bluster is spent like some kids bottle rocket, and when my gun powder smoke drifts away like a neighbors charcoal grill...more
    often than not I stop to reflect, and find I could have done better.

    Such is the case with CC Sabathia.
    It was don't let the door hit you in the ass.
    I think I was so wrong on that one. I watched him tonight on Yankee Magazine..started and stopped...three times. It was that good. (for me)

    The dedication, and work being put forward toward this season, is fabulous. I believe what he says, and have seen what can do.
    patrick....sometimes a jerk, but not afraid to admit it.
    I wish the man well.

    1. I hope you're right. I also think he can have a solid season as a 5th starter. It's when the team and the fans stop relying on him as the ace they are paying him to be that he can be at his best. Especially with that new knee brace.

  2. BALLANTINE BEER...sponsored the NY Yankees from the 40's, to the early
    60's. They actually had Yankee announcer, Mel Allen, fired as a cost cutting move. It was an awful beer. I think it contained urine.

    You guys have no idea what I'm talkin'...except for old Ken, and he
    drinks root beer.

    Bottom line, the beer had three rings on their label, and if a Yankee
    hit a homerun, it was called a.." Ballantine Blast." You don't care.

    I have three points tonight, like the three rings on the beer label.
    That is how I came out of the gate.

    Ring one : The 2015 Yankees offense scored the second most runs in baseball ? Can't believe that, but it's fact.

    Ring two : This winter the Yankees are the only team in MLB, not to sign a free agent. First time in 40 years for the Yankees. George is rolling
    in that coffin. $3 billion, and they can't add a star ?

    Ring three : Nice job by Van Dusen today...on the 40 Facts / 40 years.

    Speaking of beer...only Levin knows about beer, and he's some where out
    there with Hans. Listening to Hans bitch about old patrick.
    Is he coming to beat me up ? Hint...I'm not in New Jersey.

    1. Patrick, just because I go quiet from time to time, doesn't mean I go into hiding. And if I did, it would not be with Hans. I just applaud Cashman for what he did this offseason, and didn't want to invoke any arguments. Sure, people like Price, Upton, and Heyward would've been nice. But we would have lost our 16th pick, and Price would've been our next CC, and Heyward would be our next Ellsbury. Upton, who knows. Might have been worth the risk.

    2. JEFF...Good evening, sir.

      Are you still serving Ballantine to family guests ? Awful stuff !

      I'm pleased with Brian also. He's done well for a team that is
      worth billions. Sorry, but I get the overpowering feeling, that
      the Yankees do not want to offend anyone by putting together
      a super / pricey team.
      Only a few years back they were apologizing for hitting so
      many home runs. Remember ?
      Glad to see your words again. Take care.

    3. Good evening to you as well. Never heard of Ballantine beer. As far back as I go is sneaking some Hamm's out of my Dad's fridge. But then again, I am a west coast guy. Maybe it's a regional thing.

    4. JEFF..kindly scroll up to my Ballantine post. It was a big
      deal beer in NYC during those years. Growing up as a underage
      beer was at the rear end of my preference list.

      I stole Rheingold, and Schmitts beers from my father's fridge.
      All Brooklyn brewed then, all brewed today in Wisconsin...and awful.

      Jeff, have always enjoyed you.
      Just so you know, even when Hans & I were scuffling, it was
      more carnival tent stuff than anything else. I know he watches.
      Take care, sir.

    5. I could never get into beer drinking. I even actively tried to acquire the taste. I would go get a six pack of a new thing every Friday and drink all six no matter how nasty I thought it was. We have a local place that sells draft in a gallon jug that they keep in the freezer at 32 degrees all year round, tried all those too. They all taste like piss to me although some were better than others.

      I preferred Yuengling or however you spell it the best but I, like Ken, will stick to Coke or root beer.

  3. I AM NOT...going to break the bad news about Greg Bird.
    Now we will see if Mgmt. can find a LH power bat, to back up at first.
    I will not say crap, but I will say....balls !

    1. They won't they have basically already said they won't. They said no MLB signing will come because of the injury. Doesn't mean a minor league deal isn't on the horizon for a Pedro Alvarez type though.

  4. JOE rumored to have signed a two year deal with the
    Yankees this afternoon, and will report along with pitchers, and
    catchers in two week.
    The former 73 year old first baseman says if old Ken can still can he.

    1. Untrue, the Yankees don't sign major league free agents anymore. Although you can sign a two year minor league deal, they are just rare.


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