Saturday, January 2, 2016

Okay People…. Overreact Much?

The New York Yankees have ruffled the feathers of more than a few people by trading for Aroldis Chapman. Why? Chapman has been accused, although the case has been closed and no files were charged by the police to be fair to both sides here, of choking his girlfriend and firing eight rounds into a wall in his garage. Chapman more than likely made his girlfriend a victim of domestic violence and he will be punished for it, either by the league, his friends, family and peers or by his maker, but some people, I think the most accurate word I’ve seen was opportunists, are overreacting just a tad. And when I say a tad I mean a lot.

You can have strong feelings about what he did and you can truly not want the player on the team but some people are taking it to that next level. I have seen people say the Yankees have “sold their souls” in acquiring Chapman and that the organization doesn’t have class anymore. I guess we’re back to being the Evil Empire again in some households. I’ve also seen someone “burn their season tickets” because Chapman was acquired. First and foremost I don’t believe you burned your actual season tickets and secondly how is this hurting the team exactly? What point is this driving home? The Yankees want to sell tickets, they already sold those tickets. Sure you could cancel your subscription for next year but who is that hurting in the long run? Not the Yankees, and certainly not Chapman. No, just you.

Look. You can like a player and you can like this trade and not like the person inside the uniform. The Yankees are not the first to acquire someone with a troubled past or history and the Yankees won’t be the last. Who cares about the tradition and the class and all that jazz. The goal is, was and always will be winning and Chapman gives the team a great chance to win. That’s Brian Cashman’s job, to put a winning team on the field the best he can with the resources and finances that Hal Steinbrenner gives him.

I hate what Chapman did, and I’m sure most people do. My mother was a victim of domestic violence and I saw it first hand on more than one occasion. I’m sensitive to the subject but as a spiritual person I also believe that it’s not my place to judge him. The league will judge him and his maker will judge him. As a fan I root for the team to win and I root for anyone and everyone wearing the pinstripes. There’s a line that separates the man wearing the uniform and the player and some are crossing that line a bit much. Be pissed off, voice your opinion, etc. but it’s not fair to be criticized for my own opinion when I never once criticized you for yours.

Everyone. Chill. These things have a way of working themselves out in the end. This will to. Stay well. 


  1. There are fans that will cry and beat themselves up over the signing, just because it is the thing the Yuppies and liberals do! It offends them and, therefore, it is wrong and can't be tolerated.

  2. +1

    BTW, and I'm not giving him or anyone else accused of domestic violence a free pass, the "guilty until proven innocent" view that a lot of people take is wrong.

    We don't know exactly what happened, and likely never will. Either way, as he's already admitted the gun thing, Aroldis is at least somewhat guilty. But let's not treat the guy like the second coming of Hitler.

    1. You don't think the police would have loved to bring attention to their town and be the one's to nab a big celebrity if their was the evidence to do so? They would, it's not that they didn't It's that they couldn't.

  3. How quickly everyone forgot the beloved Yankee postseason hero and World Series champion David Justice who beat the shit out of his wife at the time Halle Berry. That in itself is a crime to hit such a beautiful face.

    Not that I am making fun of the situation, I'm not, but people's reactions are almost comical.

    1. Hay, Sh-t happens in a fit of anger. I must confess my 1st wife was beating the hell out of me until I lost it and put her arms behind her back. It was self protection, I didn't hit or hurt her, but, we don't know if Justice/Aroldis were in the same situation and just lost control and went too far.
      My case was, I was going on assignment again and that was the last straw... For her!
      I think we don't judge him until...Like forever. It is his and her problem/business which will be decided by the legal system. Let him play ball and leave him alone, he will get some a punishment Like I said, Sh-t happens!

  4. Domestic Violence...I think I am well versed enough on this subject,
    that I can offer a contribution of substance.

    A dear friend of mine, John Cobell, is a NYPD officer.
    He was married, with a young child, to a charming women.
    When he found a more attractive, younger women....whom he soon bedded.

    Unfortunately for John, the less attractive.... but very volatile,
    Mrs. Cobell figured it out soon there after. John never covered his tracks.

    While John slept, after a night of fornication, she removed a package
    of frozen chop meat from the freezer, and bashed John's skull.

    John being of Polish decent, had a skull as thick as sidewalk cement.
    He lived, only after being rushed to the emergency room.
    He is now married to the other women.

    Mrs. Cobell now gets a nice check each month, and has moved on.

    It has never been determined, nor discussed, weather the frozen package was beef chuck, or sirloin.


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