Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Quick Hit: Yankees w/ Most to Prove in 2016

The New York Yankees are inching closer and closer to spring training camp, pitchers and catchers reporting and the start of the 2016 season. After the Yankees made the postseason for the first time in two seasons, and yes the Wild Card round is the playoffs whether spoiled fans think they are or not, and the team heads into the 2016 season with even more hopes, expectations and something to definitely prove to the league and their fans. Who has the most to prove this season? Unfortunately for the Yankees the have more than a few. 

Chase Headley. Can he throw to first base consistently? Can he hit for power or an average above .250? Can he continue to play 150+ games a season and not break down at third base?

Chasen Shreve. First half Chasen or second half Chasen?

Jacoby Ellsbury. Can he stay healthy? Can he actually hit like a leadoff hitter with a high average and even higher on-base percentage? Can he steal bases? 

Brett Gardner. See above. 

Ivan Nova. Can he regain his control in his second year removed from Tommy John surgery? Can he even get enough starts and innings pitched to prove it in the Yankees rotation?

Masahiro Tanaka. The exact opposite of the above, can he once again be limited to presumably avoid Tommy John surgery and still pitch like the ace the Yankees are paying him to be?

Luis Severino. And if Tanaka doesn't can Severino take over the ace position for New York?

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