Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The New York Yankees Have Signed a Catcher

The New York Yankees have signed a catcher and they may be tipping their hand as to where Gary Sanchez will end up to start the 2016 season. The New York Yankees have signed former Texas Rangers backup catcher Carlos Corporan to a minor league deal with an invitation to spring training. Corporan will compete directly with Sanchez and Austin Romine, two Yankees prospects who are on the 40 man roster, for the backup job in the Bronx.

Corporan spent the 2015 season backing up Robinson Chirinos before a thumb injury ended his season prematurely. Corporan hit .178 in 33 games for the Rangers with a .543 OPS showing that he is a true defense first (or only) type catcher.

Will we be seeing “Corpy Days” in the Bronx in 2016? Corporan likes to post that it’s a “Corpy Day” on the day that he gets to play, which I find entertaining and kind of awesome by the way.

The Yankees could always designate Romine for assignment and send Sanchez, who has minor league options, back down to Scranton to begin the season leaving the door wide open behind Brian McCann for Corporan. Corporan could quickly grab Romine’s 40 man roster spot and be on the team’s active roster come Opening Day. If you had dreams and wishes of Sanchez starting the season in the Bronx your dreams and hopes, as are mine, may be in real jeopardy. 


  1. 'CORPY DAY'..I hear that term, and my body starts to shake. There is nothing good about a 'Corpy Day'. Bad things happen.

    Anyone with two feet will steal second, third, or home plate.
    You can plan your bathroom run around a 'Corpy' at bat.

    Team down one run, bases loaded, 'Corpy' coming to bat...throw your
    TV out the window.

    And, now one thinks of sending Sanchez back to the minors, so
    'Corpy' can back up McCann ? Who's crazy here ?
    People will die in their Legends Seats on a 'Corpy Day'.

  2. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY BE WORSE ? my body begins to gyrate, and shake.

    A Corpy day battery of Carlos 'The Non-thrower' Corporan, teaming up
    with Chris 'The Candyman' Capuano ?..I'm shaking so much I look like
    I'm doing the Limbo Rock. ( trust me on that one, you can look it up )

    The answer: Nothing.

    1. He signed a minor league deal, not that big of a deal. Not yet anyway.

      Only way he backs up and Sanchez heads down to AAA is if Sanchez stinks up the joint and Corpy lights the league on fire... and then, don't you want the best 25 men to go north?


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)