Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Minor League Ball’s Top 20 Yankees Prospects List

It’s almost prospect season ladies and gentleman and it’s almost Prospects Month here on the blog starting February 1st. Minor League Ball jumped the gun a bit this week when they released their Top 20 Prospects list for the 2016 season. John Sickels of Minor League Ball released his list and warned that all grades are preliminary and subject to change. For the grades and write-ups I will direct you to the original article HERE while I sample the list only below.

1.       Gary Sanchez, Catcher (B+)
2.       Jorge Mateo, Shortstop (B+)
3.       Aaron Judge, Outfielder (Grade B+)
4.       James Kaprielian, RHP (Grade B+)
5.       Domingo Acevedo, RHP (Grade B)
6.       Rob Refsnyder, Second Base (Grade B-)
7.       Wilkerman Garcia, Shortstop (Grade B-)
8.       Dustin Fowler, Outfielder (Grade B-)
9.       Kyle Holder, Shortstop (Grade B-)
10.   Ian Clarkin, LHP (Grade B-)
11.   Jacob Lindgren, LHP (Grade C+)
12.   Tyler Wade, Infielder (Grade C+)
13.   Abi Avelino, Infielder (Grade C+)
14.   Mason Williams, Outfielder (Grade C+)
15.   Ben Gamel, Outfielder (Grade C+)
16.   Drew Finley, RHP (Grade C+)
17.   Hoy Jun Park, Shortstop (Grade C+)
18.   Cale Coshow, RHP (Grade C+)
19.   Miguel Andujar, Third Base (Grade C+)
20.   Luis Torrens, Catcher (Grade C+)

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