Friday, January 15, 2016

Starlin Castro Backs up Third Base Making Room for Robert Refsnyder?

I just refuse to let go, don’t I? I’m like an optimistic and overly proud parent and I refuse to let things go when they don’t go my way, it happens. In my head I keep trying to find ways for Robert Refsnyder to fit onto the 2016 Yankees Opening Day squad and I think I may have done it, maybe. With my brains and a little exploit of the Yankees lack of third base options I think I have finally found a way to justify keeping Refsnyder on the MLB roster and not ship him down to Triple-A again to start next season. Brian Cashman announced that Starlin Castro would be the team’s backup third baseman heading into next season leaving a potential gaping hole at second base… maybe?

Yes I realize that Dustin Ackley will likely be the Yankees starting second baseman but unless the team brings a Donovan Solano or Pete Kozma with them north from Tampa this spring the team may be thin at the middle infield positions. If you think about it Castro is not only the starting second baseman and the backup to third baseman Chase Headley but he is also the team’s shortstop to Didi Gregorius. I hope Castro packed enough gloves and leather with him on his trip from Chicago. Ackley can play second base and has dabbled in the outfield but I’m not sure how much third base and shortstop he has played (and when I say I’m not sure I was being polite, he has played a combined 0 innings at both third base and shortstop in his career). The same can be said for Refsnyder, yes, but Refsnyder is still young enough to be molded into the Yankees own version of Ben Zobrist.

Refsnyder was drafted as an outfielder and was moved to second base due to concerns with his throwing strength by the Yankees. He played outfield at the collegiate level, and right field at that, so the arm strength is there and he could likely get by at the position if need be. He would also presumably have the arm to make the much shorter throw (from right field anyway) from third base to first base with a little work. Sure the Yankees would like to have a seasoned player at every position and would rather a player not learn the position on the fly in the majors, well unless you’re Stephen Drew of course, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

Is this going to happen? Lord no, the Yankees seemingly have some vendetta against Refsnyder because he has pictures of someone doing something somewhere they weren’t supposed to, but it should happen. It likely makes the team better and it makes me happy and you just can’t put a price tag on happiness. 


  1. Cashman, what are your thoughts?

    "We gave up something [Warren] to get something in return [Castro]. Considering the free agent market, we looked at all opportunities to upgrade our team, and we did just that. Castro will be the 2nd basemen. There has been no conversation about moving Refsnyder. We see him as a second basemen."

    Thank you for your thoughts, cash.

    1. And to think I stick up for this man more times than not.

    2. Daniel...
      I think this is one time where talent is going to force the hand of Cashman and Joe G. IF Hicks shows he can do the job better than what we have now in LF, CF let alone RF. Thinking, that means Brett may very well get traded or he, Ells and Beltran will split time with Hicks...a lot!

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    4. A very long and confusing story!
      I had a picture just like this one but it was lost somewhere in time. I ran across this one and am going to use it. Cassy was a big Yankee fan, we would sit and watch many games together. He is in the party world now.
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  2. I have a bunch of IFs here but, let's see what happens...
    IF, Headley has trouble this year, Castro is our 3rd baseman.
    IF, Castro has trouble this year, Ackley and Refsy split time...which isn't that good for either one of them.
    IF Beltran has an injury, Slade will be called up as the 4th OF and Hicks take over in right field.
    IF Judge is hammering the ball at AAA, it is going to be a tough call. IF any one of the OF go down do they bring up Judge and have him sit on the bench? I don't think so. Thay could use Slade or Hicks as the replacement and the other one as the 4th OF giving all OF many at-bats and rest. Both Slade and Hicks play all spots very well.
    Yes a lot of IFs but, thinking ahead is the game, there are always injuries.
    Besides, I have some time on my hands, with nothing to do for a while! lol

    1. That's the worst part about it with Judge. He isn't on the 40 man roster and Hicks, Slade and Mason are in front of him. Even if he crushes the ball unless we have multiple injuries or the Yankees are just starved for right handed power that much I can't see Judge coming up before September.

  3. Im just getting amped up now. bought first tix yesterday.

  4. Daniel, I know you mentioned MLB TV subscription because of out of area games. I saw this on groupon*mlbtv_m*be_d*central-jersey-rtc-root_g*rtc-mlb-advanced-media-nat-central-jersey-exact_c*{creative}_ap*{adposition}

    I don't know all the specifics of and if this is the right subscription, but this looks like 1/2 the price. worth looking into.

    1. You're the man, thank you Daryl. I will definitely check that out as I have not bought my subscription yet.

  5. VERY SURPRISING PLAYERS...I'm no genius, Kenneth can attest to that.

    But I have this feeling, that the team has two players that are going
    to step forward in a very big way.

    Aaron Hicks, whom I have raved about since the day he was traded here,
    is the first. If he isn't now, he will be the teams best defensive OF,
    in a short span of time. The best trade of the off season.
    Chapman is different, he fell into their laps.

    The second is Dustin Ackley. I hammered him at the trading deadline,
    and I should not have. I feel he is going to become a very important piece of the team, and his numbers will support that.

    Something happened when he put on the pinstripes.
    No candles, just the Irish bones talking.

    1. Hicks is going to be a very important piece, I agree with you there. I just wish he was getting more opportunities. That's a lot of talent and youth to just sit on the bench for a season or two.

  6. HANS...What say you?
    We bumped heads, no big deal.
    You are too good of a talent, to find yourself sitting at home watching porno all day. Unless you think you'll find a film with a different ending.
    The third time is the charm. Turn off the DVD, throw away the rag doll,
    or is it the life sized plastic one, and jump back in.
    You are tougher / smarter than you let on.

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    A vacation, or a working vacation?

    If I was as smart as I think I am....I would be pushing Anne Marie
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    But, a trip to Boston for the grand kids, and home maintenance will
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    Plus I have you mugs at night, to contend with.

    I like to share my off stage life with you. Hope you don't mind.

    1. oh, there is no florida! my bad haha

    2. Boston in the winter? Better you than I mr. patrick. Enjoy your vacation regardless.

  8. Enjoy your vacation. Hurry to Florida. Boston in February is probably one of my worst memories... Can be a miserable miserable place. Even if it's not as bad as last year

  9. Patrick, It is the year of "El Nino" have you forgotten how it rains in Florida...All the time?
    So stay home and enjoy your vacation with Anne Marie...have a few cold ones and relax!

    1. It's done nothing but rain here in Georgia as well. We've had our little town flooded out a couple times already this year including Christmas day/eve.


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