Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Top Ten Catchers in MLB History

The time of year when the Hall of Fame vote is announced is fun for me. Christmas is just ending, the New Year is upon us, most of the major free agents are generally signed and we as a fan base are starving for anything baseball related to talk about. As a blogger this is generally the dead time and you guys know me, I don’t do dead time all that well. The Hall of Fame vote gives us something to talk about and debate for a while and when this year’s debate feels like beating a dead horse into the ground we can move onto next year’s class and start all over again. This year will be no different as we begin to talk about the Hall of Fame resumes for Vladimir Guerrero and a couple notable catchers that will undoubtedly go down as two of the best catchers in Major League Baseball history in Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez and former Yankees great Jorge Posada.

With Mike Piazza, arguably the best hitting catcher of all-time, getting into the Hall while Pudge and Jorge hope to follow next season I thought this would be a great opportunity to look at the Top Ten catchers in MLB history. This list is my own although I did sample the general idea from AboutSports.com while adding a few tweaks and changes of mine own. Like the list? Share it. Don’t like the list or feel like I snubbed some or left some too high or too low? Leave your thoughts below in the comments section of the site.

1. Yogi Berra
2. Johnny Bench
3. Roy Campanella
4. Mike Piazza
5. Mickey Cochrane
6. Carlton Fisk
7. Pudge Rodriguez
8. Gary Carter
9. Bill Dickey

10. Thurman Munson

I couldn't stop at ten... I'm sorry. I couldn't leave Mr. Torre and Hip Hip off the list. 

11. Jorge Posada
12. Joe Torre

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