Thursday, January 28, 2016

Yankees Almost Acquired Jose Reyes?

The New York Yankees almost made me look like an idiot and the Colorado Rockies are the ones left with egg on their face. What do I mean? The New York Yankees and the Colorado Rockies must have been reading my blogs because they attempted to hook up on a trade involving Reyes before the July 31st trade deadline came to a close. After a winter where Reyes was charged with domestic violence issues this could have been a disaster for the Yankees, a disaster that I asked for many times while blogging this winter.

Reportedly Colorado asked for “big-time” prospects back in return for Reyes at the trade deadline according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports and the Yankees were one of the teams that were interested. The Yankees were interested in Reyes and his, at the time, $54.37 million contract as a second baseman as long as Colorado was willing to pay at least some of the contract down. It’s unclear whether the two sides got really close on a deal but you have to think that Colorado is kicking themselves right now if the two sides were close.

So instead of Starlin Castro manning second base for the Yankees this season it could have been Jose Reyes. How interesting that could have been to see Reyes back in New York. 


  1. JOSE REYES ?...No big deal. Another excuse for Met fans to give the Yankees grief.

    Nice cut & paste job on the Reyes visual.
    Did Ken help you ? Hope he does a better job with floors.

    1. Could have been a disaster though. Could you imagine the flak Yankees fans would get if they had Reyes and Chapman on the same team?

    2. Patrick, I am doing just fine on the floor, thank you very much! The cut and paste is a lot better than I could have done, I would have taken my weed cutter to it...would that work?


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