Sunday, February 7, 2016

TGP Prospects Month Top 29 Prospects - #23 Tyler Wade

I know what you're thinking, this dude is absolutely crazy. He's finally lost it now. Daniel Burch is dumb and he doesn't know prospects. Hear me out though because I don't see what the rest of the world sees in Tyler Wade and that's why he's ranked so highly on my listing.

Wade was drafted as a shortstop with a huge bat, he hit well over .500 during the season he was drafted out of school, but he has been anything but since coming over to the professional side of baseball. Don't get me wrong, I like Wade, but I don't think his future is as a shortstop with this organization. I truly believe his value comes as a shortstop and that is why I have him ranked so low.

He's athletic, he has a great glove, strong hands and quick feet but his arm is barely adequate at the minor league level. I believe his future is as a second baseman in the majors and his offense is truly lacking for a second baseman. He has absolutely zero power, I could get from behind my computer and hit more home runs in a home run derby than he could, that he's a line drive type hitter that sprays the ball all over the field.

He has speed but like Brett Gardner he lacks the instincts, to this point anyway, to steal bases at a consistent level in the Majors. He hits well but his walk totals in the lower levels of the minors are merely average or adequate. He was exposed in the Arizona Fall League as one of the weaker hitters in the league this winter as he faced advanced talent.

I don't mean to get down on Wade too much but rather than post everything that is good about him, and there is plenty trust me, I felt compelled to defend why I have him ranked so low on my list while so many others have him in or around the Top 10. If he makes it as a shortstop at the major league level then he deserves to be higher but if not he's just another 8th place type hitter on a National League team that bunts in front of the pitchers spot. That's not Top 10 talent in my opinion, sorry.

23. Tyler Wade
24. Nick Rumbelow
25.Jordan Montgomery
26.Trey Amburgey
27. Ben Gamel
28. Austin DeCarr
29. Thairo Estrada
30. James Pazos

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