Monday, February 22, 2016

TGP Prospects Night Open Thread featuring Nathan Eovaldi

Our fellow BYB Hub friends from bring you some video of Nathan Eovaldi when he was still in the minor leagues. As you probably remember Eovaldi was traded to the Miami Marlins in the deal with the Los Angeles Dodgers that brought then shortstop Hanley Ramirez to Dodger Stadium. Eovaldi was said to be the center piece of the deal and he has since been traded to the New York Yankees in the controversial deal that involved Martin Prado, David Phelps and Garrett Jones. 

Eovaldi started out the 2015 season sluggish with the Yankees but seemingly got better and stronger as the season went on in New York before an elbow injury ended his season prematurely. Before Eovaldi was a 14-game winner for the biggest franchise in Major League Baseball history though he was a lonely prospect in the South Atlantic League, better know as the Sally, and we watch some of his work here tonight. Enjoy. 


    I had my first acupuncture this past Saturday. It was great.
    She stuck four needles in the top of my head just for starters.
    The mysteries of the orient. My knee is not barking as before.

    The Revolver is similar to acupuncture, you watch him work, and
    life is good again.

  2. Patrick...
    We have another Revolver by the name of Domingo "Ace" Acevedo coming up the pipe line soon maybe next year and then again maybe this year yet!

  3. THERE YOU ARE....OLD REED ! Still working on that floor ?

    Yes, I am aware of Acevedo. Nice to see so many pieces of the puzzle
    starting to come together.

    Some in the NY media, Mets beat writers, continue to treat Chapman as
    a vampire. Charles Manson they would accept. Such clowns.

    The big topic today, all over, was Chase Headley, and his yips.
    Refsnyder is now being mentioned as a back-up.
    Headley, and his throwing errors, are reason for concern.
    When the yip thing happens, and I hope not, it does not go away.
    Stay well.


    I love the Yes Network. Check it out. They have a snipped of
    Nathan Eovaldi, with high lights from 2015. Sure looked like
    he was becoming a better pitcher, before he got hurt.

    He's no dope, and his ceiling has not yet been reached.
    Do follow the YES Network as the season starts to begin.


Sorry for the Capatcha... Blame the Russians :)