Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Potential Solution To Being Blacked Out of Local Yankees Games

Major League Baseball's blackout rules and regulations are finally under attack in a court of law but that doesn't mean there is necessarily a solution in the foreseeable future. As it stands right now if a local game is being showcased on FOX, for example, in New York you will be blacked out if you are in the market and you don't get FOX. While there is no solution for this currently I may have found a way around it, the problem is it may cost you a little bit.

I received an email from the guys over at who sell a VPN changing service for frustrated sports fans like yourselves. In a nut shell this tricks your coimputer and the third party services who are snooping into your computer to believe you are somewhere that you are not thus allowing you to watch the local games.

It's not free but it does come with a free week trial that does not require a credit card. If anything keep it bookmarked and if you like it then it's $4.99 per month for the service. You can just pay for one month or you can pay for a total year, totally up to you.

You may also find a comparable VPN service that can allow you to do the same for free but I wanted to bring this service to you guys just in case. I don't get anything off of this and I'm not doing it as a part of a sweetheart deal between us. I get nothing if you join and I don't want anything, I just wanted to bring you the option so you don't miss a Yankees game that you don't have to.

Let me know how it works out for you if you use it because I am genuinely interested in it myself.


  1. I used it last season and it works like a charm. Only a few simple steps to set up. Can't recommend it enough.

    1. Well that's great to know someone used it with success. Thank you Evan, and nice name (my son's name lol).

      Welcome to the board.


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