Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Quick Hit: Cliff Lee Won't Pitch in 2016

You guys know me by now, when I get something in my mind I get stuck on it for a while and I don't stop until that player comes off the board. Well Cliff Lee was my latest target and Cliff Lee came off the Yankees board this week, sort of. Lee wanted a "perfect fit" along with a substantial base salary with incentives and if he didn't get that he was going to take his ball and go home for the season. Well Lee didn't get that so he's doing just that, at least for now.

Lee last pitched in July 31, 2014 and has been sidelined due to elbow problems and a partially torn flexor tendon in his left shoulder. Lee finally has a clean bill of health and drew interest from at least 15 teams but never got to the point where he threw in front of teams. That's a lot of question marks for a 37-year old pitcher who has not thrown a professional pitch in 18 months and that perfect fit never came around for Lee.

Could Lee come back and pitch in July for a team before the trade deadline? Absolutely, the idea of Lee is not dead. It's just dead for now.


  1. DOLDRUMS...I've been cold for too long. Even my genitals need a jump start.

    Cold, and burnt out, from writing for months about a historic mega team,
    the New York Yankees, who could easily have positioned themselves as
    the World Series contender. Easily.

    But will not because other teams will feel bullied, or what other
    word that apologists use today for losers.

    " The Yankees hit too many home runs" was the start of this. A Yankee
    hits a home run, and you are made to feel guilty. Two home runs in a
    row, and you should throw yourself in front of a semitrailer.

    A dozen difference maker ball players were available over the winter.
    And what does this outfit do ? They sign old, non hitting, released players to play for Scranton......And they are overjoyed to do so !
    There must be fifty of them by now. Who wants them ?...No one.

    This could, and should, be a juggernaut. It is so well within their
    means to do so.
    Instead we have a nice group of players who may do well.....maybe.

    I can not get excited about this team, that is about ready to be sent in harms way.
    There is no mojo, moxy, swagger, or ass kicker on this team. Should I
    hold my breath for Judge ? I may die first.

    There is so much blocked young talent in this organization...including
    a hyped player like Gardner, that should be packaged for a young,
    real good pitcher. Will it happen ? I say no, for all the above.

    Can the Yankees make the Wild Card ? Now you're talkin'!

    1. patrick you took the words right out of my mouth. While I am okay with austerity overall this free agency market was just too good to pass up on every single player. Supply and demand says this was the year to sign and trade. Oh well, I'm exhausted from an email confrontation.. so yeah

    2. Daniel, one more chance to poke you a bit!
      Well, this is one that can't be put on Cashman, he has to do with what he has.
      Trading guys we have like Judge, Sanchez, Mateo, Bird is not in the best interest of the team for the long haul. One could even include players like Kaprielian, Willy Garcia, "Ace" Acevedo in with them.
      The thing is, when teams deal with the Yankees they still think they are dealing with the old rulers.
      If it was only money (which it was a time or two) the man at the top is the only one that held those deals, some wanted long contracts, past their good playing days are over. How many position players at the age of 30 can play at that (30-year-old) level until they are 37/38? But yet they want a 7/8 year deal...not gonna happen!
      It amazes me when a team has a very good player they can't afford to keep and everyone knows it, but they want every good player we have on the farm, not one and a couple of others...they want a Judge, Mateo and Kaprielian, not a good deal for us!
      The newspapers say they wanted Mateo but they don't tell you they also wanted some other blue chip players along with him.

  2. My question is...who wrote that comment for Patrick?
    Have you been hiding your talent to make me look good is true I do need the help. I have never seen you write that well...good show Patrick!

    1. Nice words, Kenneth. Thank you.
      From you....always a plus. Yes, at times you need help.
      Take care.


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