Wednesday, March 9, 2016

So Far So Good on the Robert Refsndyer at Third Base Experiment

Early on in the winter I was told to let it go. The Yankees know more than me and (a general use of the word) you trust the Yankees organization. There’s no way Robert Refsnyder could or should learn the third base position let alone have the starting second base position. No way no how. Trade Refsnyder! What a difference a couple months makes though as before I was hounded for wanting to try Refsnyder at third base or in a super utility role because the idea was “dumb.” Now that the Yankees and their coaches that you (again, a general use of the word and aimed at no one in specific) trust so much used him there and the idea is actually working out it’s a marvel idea. Say what?

The whole me vs. them thing and the whole “TGP vs. Everybody” t-shirt idea aside Refsnyder was given a shot at third base this spring and in a Grapefruit League game and the results have been so far, so good for the Yankees second baseman. Refsnyder made his first career appearance at third on Sunday behind Yankees ace Masahiro Tanaka and he was tested early and often at the position. Refsnyder fielded a rocket hit to his left and started a double play that got the Yankees out of trouble in the game but more importantly he looked comfortable at the position, he looked like he belonged there.

Refsnyder’s bat was never questioned by anyone who watched him actively at the University of Arizona and in the minor leagues (and I say watched him, not read the box scores or read what the doubters had to say) and it’s always been the defense that was the main concern. If Refsnyder could simply make the plays he can get to and the plays he is supposed to that would be a great addition to the Yankees bench and would help fill the lack of depth problem New York currently has at third base.

The Yankees manager Joe Girardi has already stated that he preferred to fill the last bench spot with someone who could back up Headley at third base next season and right now, as it stands at the beginning of March anyway, that man may be Robert Refsnyder. So far so good for Refsnyder but we still have a long way to go, just know that I’m rooting for you Rob like I always do. Good luck and more importantly, have fun. 

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