Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Jenrry Mejia, Steroids & Technicalities

I have to preface this article with a little semi-discussion about something. While reading the “You’re a Tool” post by Bryan Van Dusen here on the blog I just had to shake my head and almost snicker at Jenrry Mejia and his blatant ignorance to what he did wrong. Mejia used a well-known and “old school” steroid that was easily detectable and didn’t even bother to cover it up or try and mask it causing his third and possibly final failed steroid test in his Major League career. Mejia then had the audacity to complain about the fact that the MLB Players Union didn’t defend him through the entire process. Seriously? Anyway the failed drug test resulted in a permanent ban from MLB with an open door to appeal in one year making him the first to ever be banned permanently from the game, well technically anyway.

Remember a thorn in the Yankees side named Manny Ramirez that was suspended not once, not twice but three times after failing various drug and steroid tests? Well Ramirez never truly got the permanent ban because he simply retired from the game rather than facing his punishment. Back then it was a 100-game suspension for his positive test but the suspension became permanent when Ramirez chose to retire rather than sit out the 100 games.

Ramirez later latched on with the Chicago Cubs as a minor league hitting instructor and seemingly turned his life around for the better. Ramirez credited the turnaround with finding God and a renewed faith and is now a staple in the Cubs clubhouse and in their organization. There is no reason that Mejia cannot do the same but Jenrry has to show some accountability, unlike what Ramirez did initially. Stand up, admit what you did was wrong and face your punishment. Sit out a year, appeal and possibly come back after two seasons. I know this sounds crazy coming out of a Yankees fans mouth but I am urging Mejia to be like Manny. Be like Manny Ramirez, not like the tool that Bryan Van Dusen thinks that you are. 

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