Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Yasiel Puig Rant You All Knew Was Coming

I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time on this rant because honestly, what’s the point? Major League Baseball is going to do what they are going to do and I am going to think what I am going to think. No one is changing MLB, no one is changing my opinion and no one is changing your opinion as the reader. I don’t agree with the Aroldis Chapman suspension as you may or may not already know and I don’t agree with the fact that Yasiel Puig received zero games suspension either, imagine that. 

And before I get too involved in this I will say that no, I am not this upset because Chapman is a Yankee and received a suspension. I followed this situation long before he was a Yankee and I followed it just the same, no more and no less, after he was a Yankee. I know that Chapman did not put his hands on his girlfriend, not enough to leave marks anyway, because if he did and there was evidence that he did he would have went to jail. If there was evidence of domestic violence there would have been domestic violence charges brought against him, but there wasn’t. What there was though was a girlfriend’s story who kept changing and witness accounts that changed more than I change my underwear. Now I’m no lawyer but if you keep changing your story you’re either really forgetful or you’re really just bold face lying. And yes Chapman was an idiot, my opinion, and shot his own registered and legal gun in an UNNATTACHED garage (not enough people are reporting that) that he owned with his kid in the house. It was a dumb ass move but the garage was unattached. If that’s enough to cause a suspension for “domestic violence” then lock me up because I’ve shot in my yard and such with my kids in the house plenty of times. 

But enough about Chapman and on to Puig. In the Chapman case the only evidence they had pointed to the girlfriend’s brother assaulting Chapman (and Chapman assaulted no one but a wall in his UNATTACHED garage) while Puig had a physical altercation with a bouncer. Now I don’t pretend to know why Puig had a physical altercation with the bouncer and video evidence supports that Puig did not hit his sister but what’s the difference? You had the same amount of evidence in the Puig case as you did the Chapman case with the same number of charges filed and sentences handed down. Well minus the one for Chapman where he took his 2nd amendment rights into his own hands and shot his legally owned gun in his UNATTACHED (ok I’m done with the caps lock.. promise) garage that he owned. 

I just have to wonder if Puig was facing a potential free agency year and if the league knew that if he was suspended so x amount of days his free agency would be pushed back a year if they would have bullied Puig as well. The world may never know. You may have your opinion and I will never stop you from having one but it’s awful convenient that Chapman had to get a suspension less than 45 days to become a free agent in 2016 and the league “knocked off” 15 games and settled on a 30 game suspension for domestic violence without any evidence of domestic violence if he didn’t appeal said suspension. That’s called taking advantage of your power and taking advantage of a situation. That’s called bullying. If it’s good for one it should be good for them all. Well it should be anyway. 

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