Friday, April 1, 2016

Breaking: Yankees Trade Rob Refsnyder to Chicago for David Robertson

Breaking news out of Yankees camp, the Greedy Pinstripes and Ninja Cashman have done it again. According to sources the Yankees have traded second baseman Robert Refsnyder to the Chicago White Sox for their closer and former Yankee David Robertson. This comes just days after the news that Andrew Miller took a line drive off his right wrist and has a chip fracture. This is not Miller’s throwing wrist but with Aroldis Chapman already out of commission for the first 30 days New York obviously felt the need to have another closer and relief pitcher in the arsenal.

Doubt me if you will but I had the Curtis Granderson to the New York Mets story before Joel Sherman did, although we never got the credit for it, and we also had the Mike Leake to the St. Louis Cardinals story before anyone, and no we didn’t get the credit for that one either. We won’t get the credit for this one either and that’s okay, April Fool’s Day and all. No really, April Fools.  

More news to come as it breaks. 


  1. If that trade ever happened the Yanks would get the short end of that trade. Houdini died many years ago and the 0-2 to full count or walk crap was getting old

  2. Who cares (other than my low blood pressure) he got it done! And it helped get my Blood pressure to normal. Now I have to get bent out of shape over Refsy not going north and the injuries to Mitchell and Miller.
    It would be nice to have him right now.

  3. 95% believable. Would have been more like refs and and kaprielan for Robertson knowing this team lol

  4. Sorry Reed I believe you're wrong on this one, but what else is new. We WILL NEVER AGREE

    1. I know that Ken H....
      You have a much different outlook on the power of having a team made up of good well-rounded players without a big time star. The thing is, the good players will do whatever it takes to get the job done.
      Can you name a star that played for the 1996 Yankees?
      Here is to our differences...have a cold one Ken H!

    2. Paul O'Neil, Mariano Riveria, Andy Pettite

    3. agreed. I think this was Mo and Pettite's breakout year, where Oneil was already a star.

      Hans, Andy Pettite is the name that always comes to my mind when you talk about yankees needing to draft a star. because you mention kershaw and trout. But you and I would both be incredibly content if we drafted someone that could have andy pettite's career.

      He became the ace of the staff at what? 24 years old. his second year. Pitched 21-8, 3.87 ERA 221 IP. whats that? 75 innings more, 2 years younger, and 159.5 million cheaper than our current eggshell of an ace.

      Damnit Reed and Hans. I was supposed to keep my negative comments to myself until June!

    4. Sorry guys, Andy, Jeter, and Mo became stars after that year. They were not considered stars at the time. O'Neil, and Bernie were considered stars of a lesser degree, just because they didn't get the press that some others got.
      Mo was the 7th and 8th inning guy, and Andy made himself look good for many years...after 1996.

    5. What I was trying to point out was until a player plays a while in the big leagues one never knows if they will become a star or not. Thus, give me 25 good well-rounded players and we could win one hell of a lot of games and the gold ring every so often.
      I say that because, out of 25 said players there will emerge one or two stars/game changers.

    6. I don't think Andy was a star until the season was done. 21 victories and that game against John Smoltz in the World Series will do that. Heading into the season, where we stand today which matters when comparing this team to that team, he was far from an ace.

      The same can be said for Mariano. He was a failed starter that was being moved to the bullpen. See Dellin Betances.

      O'Neill was not a star. A good player that fell out of favor with his old team and struggled presumably due to a lack of winning and caring? Sure, he wasn't bringing all those fans to the yard though in my opinion.

  5. APRIL FOOLS JOKE ?....Take a second look.

    David Robertson comes back to NY with sky rockets, and immense fan fare.

    Next day he announces that he was Sabathia's drinking partner, enters
    rehab, finds Jesus, and retires.

    Robert Refsnyder goes to Chicago. Wins the batting title, and
    marries recently divorced....Hillary Clinton.

    1. patrick, you're a riot. you have me cracking up. sick humor.

    2. One question though, what makes you think Refsnyder is into white women?

    3. 'He wants to be naked all the time, he must be reading your
      posts...patrick." Where did that come from ?

      Re: Refsnyder, and the white women :
      I saw his fiance last season, at a game, on YES. Nice looking blonde young lady. They married in the fall.

      As for Clinton...the old lesbian changes her speaking tone
      to sound black, when she is in any black church south of
      the Mason-Dixon line.

      Surprised she does not put on black face before she speaks there.

  6. That's just messed up little p.

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