Saturday, April 9, 2016

ICYMI: Yankees Respond to John Oliver on Thursday

John Oliver of HBO’s comedic show “Last Week with John Oliver” has been trolling the New York Yankees a bit during this first week of the baseball season and before the team left Yankee Stadium the organization finally responded to the comedian. We spoke about this yesterday that Oliver was out to send a message to the club and the fan base and that he needed to stop there or risk going overboard and counterproductive, well I can’t see him stopping now that the Yankees took the time to acknowledge him and respond to him.

In case you missed the whole story here is the Readers Digest version of it all. New York has been called “elitist a-holes” by Oliver after Lonn Trost basically said in not so many words that he didn’t want fans who couldn’t afford premium seats on a normal basis sitting with those who do. That and fraud was the reasoning behind the Yankees decision to stop taking print-at-home tickets and Oliver took offense to that. Oliver then purchased tickets and sold them to fans for a quarter if they agreed to dress up in costumes and attend the games.

All in all the crowd was protected by two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, scared by a pair of sharks, mesmerized by a pair of unicorns and terrified by a pair of dinosaurs prompting the Yankees organization to take notice via a message on the team’s videoboard. The message said “Thanks, John Oliver. Everyone is welcome at Yankee Stadium.”

Touche, Yankees and kudos. 

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