Sunday, April 10, 2016

My Thoughts Following a Week of MLB Baseball

The New York Yankees almost have a week under their belts as well as all the other 29 MLB teams in the league so here are my thoughts on the first week of a wild 2016 MLB Season.

  • The Yankees were one blown call and one pitcher not wanting to drill Carlos Correa away from a sweep of the Houston Astros in the opening series of the season. They say you can't win a division in April but you sure can lose it, keep this one game in the back of your heads come September. 
  • The umpires were told to strictly enforce the new slide rule. Jose Bautista was called for it once this season on a perfectly legal slide, legal until he grabbed the second baseman's ankle that is. When did Bautista become such a dirty player?

  • After the start to the season that Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story got we may never see Jose Reyes in a Rockies uniform again. 

  • Robert Refsnyder who? Starlin Castro looks like an absolute steal in the first week of the season. 

  • Kyle Schwarber is done for the season. You have to think that will affect the Chicago Cubs this season. They are deep, deeper than most, but he is a big bat to lose. 

  • Carlos Correa is showing off and Carlos Gomez is a show off. One has every right to be and the other has no right to be. You choose which is which. 

  • It's still early and it's still cold. I'm not worried about the starts from the Yankees staff yet nor am I worried about the lack of offense at times or the bullpen. Talk to me again in a few weeks, then I may start worrying. 

  • David Ortiz is not going to go out in his final season quietly.

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